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Meaning of PECKHAM RYE

PECKHAM RYE means: Peckham Rye is London cockney rhyming slang for a tie.


READ BETWEEN THE LINES means: Read between the lines is slang for to understand someone's meaning by correctly imagining what was left unsaid.


TINKLE THE IVORIES means: Tinkle the ivories is slang for play the piano.

Meaning of YENTA

YENTA means: Yenta is slang for a shrewish woman, a gossip, a crone.

Meaning of buppie

buppie means: Noun. Bread and butter. Usually a children's expression.

Meaning of aisn't

aisn't means: isn't = past tense ain't = current tense aisn't = past becoming present or present becoming past - is used in a sense of uncertain tense. "He aisn't gonna go there is he?" FULL SLANG; improper english

Meaning of Nick

Nick means: to steal “did you nick these flowers?’

Meaning of BFR

BFR means: Big F***ing Rock

Meaning of edgy

edgy means: Nervous. Why don't you put down the gun; it's making me edgy.

Meaning of hulled-out

hulled-out means: adv. ragged, torn down or run down  "Hey dogg, you need to get some new kicks cause’ them shoes is ‘hulled out.’" 

Meaning of teeny bopper

teeny bopper means: Young girls who dress up as 'Townies' or 'Scallys', listening to 'Top 40' pop music, wearing Kappa, Fubu, Adidas or any other ridiculously overpriced brands. As usual, esp. in Melbournes west, in Victoria, most are pregnant by the age of about 12. , Derived from the Hanson song "mmm bop". Still in constant use.

Meaning of Avast ye

Avast ye means: Pay attention

Meaning of Most

Most means: A in “the most” – high praise usually of the opposite sex

Meaning of Souped up

Souped up means: A car modified to go fast

Meaning of City juice, dog soup

City juice, dog soup means: Glass of water

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