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Slang words and meanings

Meaning of BITS AND BOBS

BITS AND BOBS means: Bits and bobs is British slang for possessions, things.

Meaning of BLUE PLUM

BLUE PLUM means: Blue plum was slang for a bullet.

Meaning of BOOM

BOOM means: Boom is American slang for a car music system. Boom is slang for a party.

Meaning of DAIRY BOX

DAIRY BOX means: Dairy Box is London Cockney rhyming slang for venereal disease (pox).

Meaning of NEAR ENOUGH

NEAR ENOUGH means: Near enough is London Cockney rhyming slang for a homosexual (puff).

Meaning of PIFFLE

PIFFLE means: Piffle is slang for nonsense, drivel.

Meaning of northern monkey

northern monkey means: Noun. A person from the North. Vaguely, anywhere north of Birmingham. Derog.

Meaning of nigger

nigger means: a negro

Meaning of VB

VB means: "Victoria Bitter", a beer

Meaning of HAGD

HAGD means: Have a Great Day

Meaning of burnips

burnips means: Very cold. It's burnips outside; grab a jacket.

Meaning of coachman's knob

coachman's knob means: An erection gained on public transport. Often achieved on the school bus, a combination of vibrations through the seat and the proximity of attractive females!

Meaning of sick on you

sick on you means: A sort of 'ha-ha you got it wrong' type comment. "You thought Ian Dury sang for The Boomtown Rats? Well, sick on you!", Contributor is convinced this got made up on a school trip taken to Brittany in the mid 80s. However, we all heard it used on Grange Hill (ed: classic kids programme about school life) a few weeks *after* we got back.

Meaning of Brother

Brother means: Mate, buddy, good friend

Meaning of Big Ben

Big Ben means: Ten

Meaning of DOA

DOA means: crack

Meaning of cracked out

cracked out means: Out of touch. Lureen must be cracked to think that she can make the men's team.

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