Slang BEE−STINGS means

BEE−STINGS means: Bee−stings is slang for small female breasts.

What is the slang definition/meaning of BEE−STINGS?

BEE−STINGS means: Bee−stings is slang for small female breasts.

Meaning of BEE−STINGS slang

Slang: BEE−STINGS means: Bee−stings is slang for small female breasts.

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Meaning of BEE−STINGS

BEE−STINGS means: Bee−stings is slang for small female breasts.

Meaning of BEE STINGS

BEE STINGS means: Bee stings is slang for very small breasts.

Meaning of bee’s dick

bee’s dick means: very small amount, very close ‘I missed it by a bee’s dick.’

Meaning of bee’s knees

bee’s knees means: the greatest

Meaning of Bee’s Knees

Bee’s Knees means: Very good.

Meaning of bee stings

bee stings means: Unusually small breasts.

Meaning of bee stings

bee stings means: Noun. Small breasts. Derog.

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