Slang PUT−TO means

PUT−TO means: Put−to is Dorset slang for in difficulties.

What is the slang definition/meaning of PUT−TO?

PUT−TO means: Put−to is Dorset slang for in difficulties.

Meaning of PUT−TO slang

Slang: PUT−TO means: Put−to is Dorset slang for in difficulties.

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Meaning of puta

puta means: adj. A Spanish slang which means ‘whore’ or prostitute.  "You are the son of a puta!" 

Meaning of PUT−ON

PUT−ON means: Put−on is slang for a deception, fraud, cheat.

Meaning of PUT−TO

PUT−TO means: Put−to is Dorset slang for in difficulties.

Meaning of de puta madre

de puta madre means: bitchin’; fucking great. (n.b.: used in Spain in the 1980s)

Meaning of pucha

pucha means: darn, drat, fudge. (n.b.: a euphenism for puta, it can be used with the definite article ‘la’ as well)

Meaning of puta

puta means: whore; slut. (n.b.: this is a very offensive word in Spanish; it can and is used as an interjection, and as an emphatic, too; more details here)

Meaning of puta madre

puta madre means: motherfucker; fuck off. (n.b.: very vulgar and offensive, though can be used for emphasis among close friends without giving offense)

Meaning of hijo de puta

hijo de puta means: son of a bitch. (lit.:  son of a whore, whoreson; n.b.:  this is a very offensive insult in the Spanish-speaking world, though usage differs, some people will use it as an exclamations, when falling or being struck by accident)

Meaning of ACID DROPS

ACID DROPS means: Acid drops is British slang for caustic comments, put−downs.

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CHOKE A DARKIE means: Choke a darkie is Australian slang for to defecate.

Meaning of LIDDY

LIDDY means: Liddy is American slang for crazy.

Meaning of NOSE JOB

NOSE JOB means: Nose job is slang for a surgical remodelling of the nose for cosmetic reasons.

Meaning of SHIP OUT

SHIP OUT means: Ship Out is slang for depart.

Meaning of MFWIC

MFWIC means: Mother F***er Who's In Charge

Meaning of doodly-squat

doodly-squat means: A small, worthless amount The president doesn't know doodly-squat about running a country.

Meaning of sell out

sell out means: To betray someone. He wouldn't sell me out; he's my closest friend.

Meaning of jonesing

jonesing means: [after John Jones, the British physician who first described opiate withdrawal in 1700] withdrawal from addiction; by extension, craving any drug

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