RAISE EYEBROWS means: Raise eyebrows is slang for to cause surprise or disapproval.

What is the slang definition/meaning of RAISE EYEBROWS?

RAISE EYEBROWS means: Raise eyebrows is slang for to cause surprise or disapproval.

Meaning of RAISE EYEBROWS slang

Slang: RAISE EYEBROWS means: Raise eyebrows is slang for to cause surprise or disapproval.

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RAISE EYEBROWS means: Raise eyebrows is slang for to cause surprise or disapproval.

Meaning of Raise

Raise means: To make a raise. Meaning to make a haul, to raise the wind.

Meaning of armarse un lio

armarse un lio means: raise hell; make a fuss. (lit.: to arm or raise a fight)

Meaning of Make A Raise

Make A Raise means: To raise, procure, obtain.

Meaning of RAISE SAND

RAISE SAND means: Raise sand is American slang for fight, a disturbance.

Meaning of porch

porch means: Gay man that appears as womanly as possible with shaven legs and plucked eyebrows.

Meaning of ace queen

ace queen means: One that appears as womanly, as possible with shaven legs plucked eyebrows.


RAISE THE DEVIL means: To raise the devil is slang for to cause a great disturbance; to make great trouble.

Meaning of mono-brow

mono-brow means: Someone who's eyebrows make a continuous line hairline to hairline rather than separate.

Meaning of chicken eyebrow

chicken eyebrow means: Usually used as a term of abuse by aforementioned chavvies, (at very high speed) "cortherechickeneyebrowbooooooooooooooooooooooyyyy, slapya!". Contributor doesn't know if it was a widely used or a reference to his biology teacher burning her eyebrows off with a bunsen burner and penciling on new ones.

Meaning of Put 'em up!

Put 'em up! means: To raise your hands. Drop that gun and put 'em up!

Meaning of Raise Sand

Raise Sand means: Start trouble.

Meaning of Raise One's Bristles

Raise One's Bristles means: To excite one's anger.

Meaning of Wake Snakes

Wake Snakes means: To raise a ruckus.

Meaning of lever le nez 

lever le nez  means: raise one’s head

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Meaning of ASS BOY

ASS BOY means: Ass boy is derogatory slang for a homosexual.


HARVEST MOON means: Harvest moon is London Cockney rhyming slang for a black person (coon).

Meaning of ROCK−HOG

ROCK−HOG means: Rock−hog is slang for a labourer engaged in tunneling through rock.

Meaning of STUMPS

STUMPS means: Stumps is slang for the legs.

Meaning of d' oh

d' oh means: An exclamation one uses to comment on foolish action. 

Meaning of jexx

jexx means: Short form of "injection", this term was used to "immunise" you from germs or bad stuff. Most commonly used when referring to the class flea bag. If they touched anything of yours you would say "jexx against...." whoever it was. Also used in games of "had" if you were caught unaware. "No you can't "had" me I was "jexx".

Meaning of XUEDEU

Meaning of NOYFORY

Meaning of IYGEUPAY

Meaning of AEPHEODSI

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