Slang BEETLE BRAIN means

BEETLE BRAIN means: Beetle brain is slang for a slow witted person, an idiot.

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BEETLE BRAIN means: Beetle brain is slang for a slow witted person, an idiot.

Meaning of BEETLE BRAIN slang

Slang: BEETLE BRAIN means: Beetle brain is slang for a slow witted person, an idiot.

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BEETLE BRAIN means: Beetle brain is slang for a slow witted person, an idiot.

Meaning of BEETLE

BEETLE means: Beetle is British slang for to hurry.

Meaning of BEETLE OFF

BEETLE OFF means: Beetle off is slang for to depart, often in a hurry.

Meaning of beetle bonnet

beetle bonnet means: Noun. The female mons pubis, from its vague resemblence to the bonnet of a Volkswagen Beetle car.

Meaning of beetle's bonnet

beetle's bonnet means: The shape of a girl's crotch... esp when wearing tight trousers etc. used as "Wow... look at the beetle's bonnet on that!"


BEETLE'S BLOOD means: Beetle's blood is British slang for stout beer.

Meaning of wrack your brain

wrack your brain means: Think hard. I wracked my brain but couldn't come up with the answer.

Meaning of brain

brain means: a term used to signify oral sex; synonymous with getting “Head”.  "Felecia gonna catch something if she keeps giving brain to all these fools." 

Meaning of brain

brain means: Verb. To hit on the head. E.g."If you don't tidy your room now, I'll brain you."

Meaning of dirk brain

dirk brain means: Extension of Dirk, used when someone has done something stupid or has been particularly slow to pick something up. Similar to Dickhead or knobhead. (ed: I think this is a misheard variation on der brain)

Meaning of lame-brain

lame-brain means: A stupid or foolish person. This lame-brain thinks it is the Umpire State Building in New York.

Meaning of hare-brain

hare-brain means: A stupid or foolish person. Who was the hare-brain who put chewing gum on my seat?

Meaning of BEEF BRAIN

BEEF BRAIN means: Beef brain is British slang for a slow witted person.

Meaning of LINT−BRAIN

LINT−BRAIN means: Lint−brain is American slang for stupid or foolish person.


BRAIN FAILURE means: Brain failure is British slang for forgetfullness, mental deficiency.

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Meaning of G−RIFFICK

G−RIFFICK means: G−riffick is slang for Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate.

Meaning of GISMO

GISMO means: Gismo is British slang for something technical one desn't know the name for. Gismo is American and Canadian slang for a device; gadget.

Meaning of SLOT

SLOT means: Slot is slang for a slot−machine. Slot is slang for the vulva.Slot is American slang for the middle of the semi−circular desk around which newspaper sub−editors work. Slot is gay slang for the anus.Slot is Australian slang for a prison cell.Slot is military slang for kill or injure someone by shooting them.

Meaning of THE THREE R'S

THE THREE R'S means: The three R's was old slang for basic education − 'reading', 'riting' (writing), and 'rithmetic' (arithmetic).

Meaning of muppet

muppet means: Noun. An idiot, an objectionable person, an inept person. Coined by Jim Henson, American puppeteer, famous for the TV show of the same name. Apparently a blend of the words marionette and puppet.

Meaning of Feller

Feller means: East Coast equivalant (PEI & NFLD) to saying Fella or Fellow

Meaning of Blast

Blast means: an exclamation of surprise

Meaning of Lumpy

Lumpy means: mediocre (courtesy of Jim Hip)

Meaning of IMO

IMO means: In my opinion

Meaning of AIGHYI

Meaning of IUPHOYF

Meaning of PSIYNIES

Meaning of YGRUETIIN

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