BEETLE−STICKER means: Beetle−sticker is slang for an entomologist.

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BEETLE−STICKER means: Beetle−sticker is slang for an entomologist.

Meaning of BEETLE−STICKER slang

Slang: BEETLE−STICKER means: Beetle−sticker is slang for an entomologist.

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BEETLE−STICKER means: Beetle−sticker is slang for an entomologist.


BEETLE−CRUSHERS means: Beetle−crushers is British slang for heavy work boots.

Meaning of Pig Sticker

Pig Sticker means: Knife or bayonet.

Meaning of Sticker

Sticker means: A butcher or slaughterer.

Meaning of Shit Happens

Shit Happens means: I remember the first bumper sticker for this around 86.

Meaning of Chiquita

Chiquita means: The chiquita bananas have the black woman on the sticker

Meaning of Panelvan

Panelvan means: A car like a station wagon but with the rear part being just a bit higher and usually without windows it made it a very practical vehicle for tradesmen to throw all the tools and stuff in and also became the vehicle of choice for hoons, usually with big V8 engines and wide tires. As there was plenty of room for a mattress in the back teenagers found the panelvan offered a hundred times more privacy and comfort than a backseat in a normal car and the panelvan developed a few nick names like ‘sinbin’ and ‘shaggawagon’ and was often decorated with a sticker announcing ‘if this van is rockin’, don’t bother knockin’.

Meaning of gool, gools, glue

gool, gools, glue means: These words were used interchangeably as the term meaning "home base" when playing tag. When the game of tag began, someone would specify what Gool or Glue would be, and that object would be the home base where one could be "safe" from being tagged. Similar to 'Base'. Alternative viewpoint: I grew up in New England in the late 70's and the term "gools" was completely ubiquitous as a singular noun. "Glue" was never used to mean "home base", but if "gool" was used, I never noticed. It's possible that "gools" evolved from "gool" through the expression "No gool(s) sticking!" (ie. don't hover around home base because it doesn't give other players a fair chance of reaching it.) Even as an adult, if talk of childhood games ever comes up with peers who grew up in different parts of New England, there's a nostalgic spark if "gools" (and notably not "gool") is mentioned as we all immediately recognize the word and at the same time note what a silly word it really is. (ed: which opened the door as usual for additional input and Arrigo sent the following in!) I am happy to see that the word gools appears in your dictionary. It was the first thing I thought of when I found out about your site, and, sure enough, there it was. It is erroneous to say it originated in the 1970s because the term was around the Phineas Bates elementary school in Roslindale Massachusetts (a neighborhood in Boston) in the 1940s when I was a kid. It was used mostly in the game of "hide and go se ek" similarly to the way in which the dictionary says it was used for "tag". The term "gools sticker" (pronounced "goolsticka") was also used. I have always wondered about its etymology. One of my theories is that it was a corrupt ion of the word "goal" that somehow took on an "s" at the end, perhaps as stated in the dictionary. Another possibility is a much older root from the archaic heraldic word "gules", which means "red" and is derived from the Latin gul a, meaning "throat". Anyhow, if a kid who was hiding touched the gools before the seeker saw him or her and got back to the gools first, then he/she would cry out "my gools 1-2- 3".

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Meaning of SKIN

SKIN means: Skin is slang for a skinhead.Skin is slang for a cigarette paper used for rolling a cannabis cigarette.Skin is slang for to strip of money or property; to cheat. (See also fleece).Skin is slang for a purse or wallet.Skin is slang for to rob, defraud.Skin is slang for beat or overcome completely.Skin is slang for a condom.Skin is American slang for a dollar.

Meaning of scare the shit out of (someone)

scare the shit out of (someone) means: Vrb phrs. To terrify (someone).

Meaning of burning bush

burning bush means: Performance of oral sex on a female and when you 'go down there' you find the lassie is not only ginger she is also on the rag.(ed: sounds a bit contrived this?)

Meaning of gonk

gonk means: Idiotic person, or a person of low intelligence. Used mostly by children. Imagine the hilarities which ensued when a child recently called out "YOU'RE MEANT TO BE OVER THERE, YOU STUPID FUCKING TWAT-HEAD GONK!" during a game of "Friendly Football" (ed: subtle like... ). Derived from those little hairy toys called Gonks.

Meaning of shittered

shittered means: Very drunk.

Meaning of Jack

Jack means: verb) to steal something. i.e. "my car got jacked" or "don't jack my stuff"

Meaning of Crimestopper

Crimestopper means: Refers to an African American woman who has an abortion

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Meaning of IAGROEFTA

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