Slang RUST means

RUST means: Rust is British slang for bronze coinage.

What is the slang definition/meaning of RUST?

RUST means: Rust is British slang for bronze coinage.

Meaning of RUST slang

Slang: RUST means: Rust is British slang for bronze coinage.

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Meaning of RUST

RUST means: Rust is British slang for bronze coinage.

Meaning of RUST or STREAK O' RUST

RUST or STREAK O' RUST means: Railroad

Meaning of RUST PILE

RUST PILE means: Old locomotive

Meaning of rust-bucket

rust-bucket means: A rusty old dilapidated car.

Meaning of STACK O' RUST

STACK O' RUST means: A locomotive that has seen better days

Meaning of rust-bucket

rust-bucket means: Noun. A dilapidated rusty old car, or vehicle.

Meaning of Rust bucket

Rust bucket means: Derogatory term for a battered droid.

Meaning of BEND THE IRON

BEND THE IRON means: Change the position of the rust a switch. Also called bend or bend the rail

Meaning of YARD

YARD means: System of tracks for making up trains or storing cars. (Boomer's version: "System of rust surrounded y fence and inhabited by a dumb bunch of natives who will not let a train in or out.") Also called garden and ield. Yard geese are yard switchmen. Y.M. is yardmaster. Yard goat is switching engine

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Meaning of GANG−SHAGS

GANG−SHAGS means: Gang−shags is Black−American slang for lively parties.

Meaning of golden shower

golden shower means: Noun. An act of urinating on another for sexual pleasure. Cf. 'watersports'.

Meaning of brand

brand means: Very. He has a brand new car.

Meaning of this piece

this piece means: a residence or place.  "We up in this piece." 

Meaning of vadge

vadge means: Vagina.

Meaning of whitey

whitey means: A whitey can be produced by over indulgence in marijuana. The heart races, and you are restricted to sitting quietly gazing at the floor (or down the loo). The name is derived from the pallor or whiteness of the sufferers skin. To recover, the person needs to be left alone for a while. In the meantime, all his/her friends have a good laugh about it, point their fingers and hiss 'whitey!!!' at the victim.

Meaning of going down the dirt road

going down the dirt road means: Anal intercourse.

Meaning of Wreck

Wreck means: what happens when a horse or horses go crazy; (bad wreck is a wreck in which a person or horse is hurt or killed).

Meaning of OUCYCK

Meaning of CAYMEIZ

Meaning of CYXIOPOI

Meaning of AUROETHUA

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