Slang SCOOTER means

SCOOTER means: Scooter is slang for a small car; a single−decker bus.

What is the slang definition/meaning of SCOOTER?

SCOOTER means: Scooter is slang for a small car; a single−decker bus.

Meaning of SCOOTER slang

Slang: SCOOTER means: Scooter is slang for a small car; a single−decker bus.

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Meaning of SCOOTER

SCOOTER means: Scooter is slang for a small car; a single−decker bus.


BEER SCOOTER means: Beer scooter is slang for getting home after a night out drinking heavily and not remembering how one got home.

Meaning of greaser

greaser means: Virtually synonymous with 'Rocker' this was anyone who preferred to ride the more functional motorbike instead of the less roadworthy but cleaner scooter (Lambretta or Vespa). The result of riding these machines was supposed to result in the user becoming 'greasy' because of the open engine design, and thereby needing to wear leathers. The 'mods' on the other hand could wear stylish clothes because the engine of the scooter was fully enclosed.

Meaning of beer scooter

beer scooter means: The ability to get home after a night out on the booze and not remember it i.e."I don't even remember getting home last night, I must have caught the beer scooter".

Meaning of Scooter

Scooter means: Nickname for the A4 Skyhawk.

Meaning of scooter

scooter means: Any one who wore glasses and had freckles, based on the character from the muppets!

Meaning of beer scooter

beer scooter means: Noun. The supposed transport one must have taken to get home when very drunk and as there is no recollection of how one did get home. [1990s]

Meaning of scoot

scoot means: Motorcycle. Derived from scooter. - "Cheeseman has a new scoot."

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BALLSY means: Ballsy is slang for courageous, spirited, determined.

Meaning of SHAT

SHAT means: Shat is slang for to have defecated.

Meaning of cunted

cunted means: Adj. Very intoxicated by drink or drugs.

Meaning of Newfie Steak

Newfie Steak means: A thick slice of fried bologna.

Meaning of ninja

ninja means: A word that African Americans use for "my nigga" as in like a friend. 

Meaning of five-finger-discount

five-finger-discount means: Stealing, usu. shoplifting.

Meaning of 24/ 7

24/ 7 means: 24 hours 7 days a week. Meaning your doing something all day and all night. (exam. "I'm out hustling 24/7")

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Heap Of Coke means: Bloke

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