Slang SICK SQUID means

SICK SQUID means: Sick squid is British slang for six pounds sterling (six quid).

What is the slang definition/meaning of SICK SQUID?

SICK SQUID means: Sick squid is British slang for six pounds sterling (six quid).

Meaning of SICK SQUID slang

Slang: SICK SQUID means: Sick squid is British slang for six pounds sterling (six quid).

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Meaning of squid

squid means: a pound (£1). Not normally pluralised, still expressed as 'squid', not squids, e.g., 'Fifty squid'. The most likely origin of this slang expression is from the joke (circa 1960-70s) about a shark who meets his friend the whale one day, and says, "I'm glad I bumped into you - here's that sick squid I owe you.."

Meaning of SICK SQUID

SICK SQUID means: Sick squid is British slang for six pounds sterling (six quid).

Meaning of sick squid

sick squid means: six pounds (£6), from the late 20th century joke - see squid.

Meaning of SQUID

SQUID means: Squid is British slang for one pound sterling. Squid is American slang for a studious pupil.

Meaning of squid squalls

squid squalls means: umbrella-like medusae floating on the surface of the sea during squid season

Meaning of sick

sick means: adj. Sick doesn't refer to being ill or literally sick. It is an adjective that usually refers to something that was awesome, cool or surprising, very good or insane.   2. Something exciting or intense, crazy.  "That flow Joey just kicked was sick." 

Meaning of sick

sick means: n vomit. Brits call the act of vomiting being sick, and vomit itself sick: Gah! There’s sick all down the back of my shirt! Like Americans they do use the noun to also mean “unwell,” so saying “I am sick” does not translate to “I am vomit.”

Meaning of Sick Bay Ranger

Sick Bay Ranger means: Someone who spends more time in sick bay than doing their job. A sailor that is seen to be heading to Sick Bay in an effort to avoid a task.

Meaning of sick

sick means: (1) It means mad. for example "He's gonna go sick at me". (2) Cool, sweet, trendy. Another from the school of 'reverse meanings' in the mode of 'bad' = 'good'. e.g. "Those sunglasses are great... really sick!".

Meaning of SICK

SICK means: Sick is American slang for craving or withdrawing from an addictive drug.

Meaning of Sick

Sick means: , (sik) adj.,  Good or bad, depending on context.  “Check out that outfit, it’s sick.”  [Etym., African American]

Meaning of duk sick

duk sick means: a code word for oral copulation on a male.  "Dave in the back with ol girl getting’ his duk sick." 

Meaning of 'That's Sick!'

'That's Sick!' means: A Midwestern phrase in the late 70's. To describe something odd or unusual. Not necessarily an person or object of distaste, but something suspect but also intriguing. "Sick!"

Meaning of sick with it

sick with it means: n. someone who is really good at what they do.  "Trina is sick with it on her paintings." 

Meaning of Sick

Sick means: interesting, cool, never seen before. The more sick something is, the better.

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Meaning of eating irons

eating irons means: Noun. Cutlery.

Meaning of gift of the gab

gift of the gab means: Noun. The ability to talk incessantly, persuasively, to have the knack of conversation.

Meaning of Tosser

Tosser means: Rubbish, nonsense.

Meaning of clone zone

clone zone means: Any place where clones congregate.

Meaning of Bennin

Bennin means: to be in a state of extreme laughter. 

Meaning of fritters

fritters means: soaked hard biscuit, fried with salt pork

Meaning of rug

rug means: a man's hairpiece, a toupee

Meaning of OUFTYA

Meaning of AETSUOB

Meaning of AXEUMEUB

Meaning of IASSEICMO

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