SILENT TERROR means: Silent terror is British slang for a quiet but pungent emission of wind from the anus.

What is the slang definition/meaning of SILENT TERROR?

SILENT TERROR means: Silent terror is British slang for a quiet but pungent emission of wind from the anus.

Meaning of SILENT TERROR slang

Slang: SILENT TERROR means: Silent terror is British slang for a quiet but pungent emission of wind from the anus.

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SILENT TERROR means: Silent terror is British slang for a quiet but pungent emission of wind from the anus.

Meaning of S.B.D.

S.B.D. means: Noun. A silent breaking of wind that is particularly foul smelling. Abb. of Silent But Deadly. [1960s]

Meaning of silent but deadly

silent but deadly means: Phrs. Describing the silent emmision of wind from the anus, a 'fart', that is particularly bad smelling. Cf. S.B.D. [1960s]

Meaning of SILENT COP

SILENT COP means: Silent cop is Australian slang for a small concrete marker set in the middle of a road or crossroads to direct the flow of traffic.

Meaning of silent violent, silent but deadly, SBD

silent violent, silent but deadly, SBD means: The silent farts that are always the most smelly. Used to decribe a lush anal aroma when no aural experience was encountered. Normally associated with "He who smelt (smelled) it dealt" and "He who denied it supplied it". Another rhyme used after someone said 'the one who smelt it dealt it' was the secret farter to quickly retort 'the one who did the rhyme did the crime', and would bask in the joy of having 'won' the debate over the identity of the emitter, oblivious to the tautologically incriminating nature of the statement.

Meaning of silent but violent

silent but violent means: Phrs. The same as 'silent but deadly', see above.


SILENT HORROR means: Silent horror is British slang for a quiet but pungent emission of wind from the anus.


SILENT NIGHT means: Silent night is London Cockney rhyming slang for light ale.

Meaning of holy terror

holy terror means: Heroin

Meaning of S.B.V.

S.B.V. means: Noun. See 'S.B.D.' Abb. of Silent But Violent.

Meaning of Silent Service

Silent Service means: The oft used nickname for Submariners.

Meaning of DEAD HOOD

DEAD HOOD means: (the H is silent) = A man that can't perform sexually. Impotent.

Meaning of abdabs

abdabs means: Noun. Terror, the frights, nerves. Often heard as the screaming abdabs. Also very occasionally 'habdabs'. [1940s]

Meaning of habdabs

habdabs means: Noun. Terror, the frights, nerves. A variation on the more commonly used 'abdabs'. Also occasionally screaming habdabs.

Meaning of Colors

Colors means: See also, “Hoist the Colors!” The Pirate flag, with many variations. Designed to strike terror into your opponent, many times they would not even fight back, immediately surrendering.

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Meaning of BUGHOUSE

BUGHOUSE means: Bughouse is British slang for a run−down building.Bughouse is American slang for a mental hospital or asylum.

Meaning of noodle

noodle means: Noun. 1. The head. E.g."For God's sake, use your noodle next time." 2. An idiot or imbecile. Derog.

Meaning of Dozy

Dozy means: Money

Meaning of SWIS

SWIS means: See What I'm Saying

Meaning of rock out

rock out means: To be excellent, outstanding. About midnight the party was really rocking out.

Meaning of scarf (down)

scarf (down) means: Devour, eat quickly. Since he hadn't eaten in a week, he scarfed down everything on his plate.

Meaning of ham

ham means: Somebody (usually a boy) with no pubic hair. Often used in phrases such as "You a ham?" or "You're a ham aren't you?". It was once used as an example of dialect in a top set English lesson, much to the amusement of the students!

Meaning of PLP

PLP means: Acronym used to creat a 'no win situation' for the interviewee, it goes like this: 'Are you a PLP?' 'No' 'Urggh! You're not a Proper Living Person... Urrgh!' 'No, no I am. I am a PLP, I am' ''ray! You're a Public Leaning Post!' At which point you lean as hard as you can against the poor victim, up against a wall or if in the middle of the tennis courts (or whatever) lean and sort of keep leaning as they try to get away from you. It works both ways round and the contributor and his friend Lee still do it (he says everyone should of had a good friend Lee at some point in their life). They're 32 and 29 respectively and have lots of friends... honest. (ed: and why would we disbelieve you - tho it amazes me sometimes what passes for humour out in the real world.) John says he was using PLP to mean a combination of Proper Looking Person and Public Leaning Post back in 1955 - so I've amended the date to suit. And Susan used PLP as elementary age child in 1950's. It was interchangable with Private Leaning Post, especially if the person being leaned upon was your friend/victim). (ed: Magnus sent in a joke... of sorts... along the same lines) Ask your victim, "Are you a benny tied up?" They cannot admit they are a benny, so they say, "no." You then shriek, "Benny on the loose! Benny on the loose!"

Meaning of SCOTT

SCOTT means: heroin

Meaning of PHOUSS

Meaning of CHOYWOE

Meaning of OIXOEDOE

Meaning of AYRDUACOC

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