SKETCHLEY'S AERIAL means: Sketchley's aerial is British slang for a makeshift aerial made from a wire coathanger.

What is the slang definition/meaning of SKETCHLEY'S AERIAL?

SKETCHLEY'S AERIAL means: Sketchley's aerial is British slang for a makeshift aerial made from a wire coathanger.

Meaning of SKETCHLEY'S AERIAL slang

Slang: SKETCHLEY'S AERIAL means: Sketchley's aerial is British slang for a makeshift aerial made from a wire coathanger.

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SKETCHLEY'S AERIAL means: Sketchley's aerial is British slang for a makeshift aerial made from a wire coathanger.

Meaning of AERIAL

AERIAL means: Aerial is Bristol slang for area, region, district.

Meaning of aerial

aerial means: n bent bit of wire intended to collect radio waves for your computer, television or some such device. The manufacturers don’t call them bent bits of wire. Their marketing chaps have many fancy words like “impedance” and “gain,” but back at the factory all the guys are just bending wire. Americans call these devices “antennas,” though aerial is in limited use in the U.S., too.


AERIAL PING−PONG means: Aerial ping−pong is Australian slang for Australian Rules Football.

Meaning of ARA

ARA means: aerial rocket artillery.

Meaning of Texaco

Texaco means: An aerial tanker.

Meaning of Passing Gas

Passing Gas means: What an aerial tanker does.

Meaning of aerial pingpong

aerial pingpong means: Australian Rules football

Meaning of Qantas

Qantas means: Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services

Meaning of Fur ball

Fur ball means: A confused aerial engagement with many combatants. Several aircraft in tight ACM.

Meaning of aerial ping pong

aerial ping pong means: Australian Rules Football in which players often make huge leaps into the air to hit the ball towards a player with a scoring chance.

Meaning of Knife Fight in a Phone Booth

Knife Fight in a Phone Booth means: Closein, slow-speed aerial dogfight with a nimble adversary. Often just called a “knife- fight.”

Meaning of NAILS

NAILS means: a type of warhead attached to a 2.75-inch, spin-stabilized, folding-fin, aerial rocket. Called flechettes, this round was used against personnel targets. It was usually launched from helicopter gunships. The number of nails in a round escapes me, but it is around several hundred.

Meaning of TACTS

TACTS means: Tactical Aircrew Combat Training System. A system of computers, sensors, data pods, and graphic displays that permits realtime depiction of an aerial dogfight. TACTS is an integral element of aircrew training.

Meaning of terrestrial television

terrestrial television means: n regular television; cable. Any television that doesn’t come from a satellite. Until recently there was no cable TV in the U.K., so any terrestrial television was beamed over radio waves and received by an aerial. The distinction is a bit hazy these days as the Brits are now fortunate enough to have cable TV. Nowadays, terrestrial television generally refers to the five channels (BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel Four and Channel Five) which are transmitted via radio.

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FRANKIE HOWERD means: Frankie Howerd is London Cockney rhyming slang for coward.


GREVIOUS BODILY HARM means: Grevious Bodily Harm is slang for Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate.

Meaning of LOFT

LOFT means: Loft is British slang for the head.

Meaning of SLEW−FOOT

SLEW−FOOT means: Slew−foot is American slang for someone clumsy.

Meaning of luvvie

luvvie means: Noun. 1. An actor or actress, especially one with a flamboyant and affected theatrical manner. Also luvvy. Often derog. {Informal} 2. A form of address. From lovey. {Informal}

Meaning of 'book' Or 'booking'

'book' Or 'booking' means: to run quickly, usually away from something. (ie The cops were after hi so he was booking down the street.)

Meaning of Bat and Wicket

Bat and Wicket means: Ticket. I've got a bat for tonight's train.

Meaning of Peck Of Trouble

Peck Of Trouble means: Great trouble.

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Micky, Micky Finn means: Drink spiked with a knock out drugs

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athirt means: corruption of athwart; across (he’s gone athirt the bay)

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Meaning of RIASUOC

Meaning of GEIJOUPH

Meaning of UBOASTIIK

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