SKOOKUM HOUSE means: Skookum house is American slang for jail.

What is the slang definition/meaning of SKOOKUM HOUSE?

SKOOKUM HOUSE means: Skookum house is American slang for jail.

Meaning of SKOOKUM HOUSE slang

Slang: SKOOKUM HOUSE means: Skookum house is American slang for jail.

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SKOOKUM HOUSE means: Skookum house is American slang for jail.

Meaning of Skookum

Skookum means: A slang phrase originating in Western Canada (BC); commonly used as a noun or descriptive implying awesome or great.

Meaning of HOUSE

HOUSE means: House is slang for a contemporary dance music epitomised by its / beat and use of samples. Vocals and melodies tend not follow the verse / chorus tradition, as they are just samples which need to be fitted into the four bar repetitive base structure. American house is often distinct from British or Italian house.

Meaning of cubby-house

cubby-house means: a child’s outdoor play house or doll’s house

Meaning of in the house

in the house means: not in an actual house but at a present gathering or location.  "My man Will's in da house!" 

Meaning of HOUSE OF WAX

HOUSE OF WAX means: House of wax is London Cockney rhyming slang for five pounds sterling (Jacks). House of wax is irish slang for a lavatory.

Meaning of House dick, house peeper

House dick, house peeper means: House detective

Meaning of ACID HOUSE

ACID HOUSE means: Acid house is slang for a particular youth culture involving synthetic electronic dance−music −known as house − and the taking of hallucinogenic drugs such as ecstasy and LSD (acid).


ANIMAL HOUSE means: Animal house is American slang for a dwelling, especially a college fraternity house.

Meaning of House

House means: To display extreme enthusiasm, excitement, anger or distress. We used this alot, "Omigod, I was at the mall buying back to school clothes and I went totally house." Or you could say, "Did you hear? Sara and Jane were fighting in the bathroom and Sara went totally house on her!"

Meaning of hit house

hit house means: House where users go to shoot up and leave the owner drugs as payment

Meaning of horsemeat

horsemeat means: Having more than seven inches of cock. House of pleasure; a boy brothel a house of prostitution.

Meaning of House Nigger

House Nigger means: The slaves called the butlers house niggers, basic Uncle Tom reference.

Meaning of TOM HOUSE

TOM HOUSE means: Tom house is British slang for a pub where prostitutes meet clients.

Meaning of Joss house

Joss house means: Temple or house of worship for a Chinese religion

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Meaning of INTO

INTO means: Into is slang for interest, like whats your bag ?, what are you into ?

Meaning of DILLIGAF

DILLIGAF means: Do I Look Like I Give A F**k do i look like i care

Meaning of sister act

sister act means: Sexual relations between a gay male and a heterosexual woman.

Meaning of Kiss My Wrist

Kiss My Wrist means: another way to say kiss my butt!

Meaning of Go ape

Go ape means: Get very excited

Meaning of Hakui

Hakui means: Word means 'burnt' in Chinese

Meaning of lightweight

lightweight means: Someone who cannot get things done. When Mel heard Lance was there, he lit out for Megan's place.

Meaning of yennep/yenep/yennap/yennop

yennep/yenep/yennap/yennop means: a penny (1d particularly, although also means a decimal penny, 1p). Yennep is backslang. Backslang evolved for similar reasons as cockney rhyming slang, i.e., to enable private or secret conversation among a particular community, which in the case of backslang is generally thought initially to have been street and market traders, notably butchers and greengrocers. Backslang essentially entails reversing the sound of the word, not the strict spelling, as you can see from the yennep example. Yennep backslang seems first to have appeared along with the general use of backslang in certain communities in the 1800s.

Meaning of VOAGLE

Meaning of THEPIYD

Meaning of SOAVOOXY

Meaning of YINGIUMOX

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