Slang SMART−ARSE means

SMART−ARSE means: Smart−arse is slang for a person who smuggly displays their intelligence.

What is the slang definition/meaning of SMART−ARSE?

SMART−ARSE means: Smart−arse is slang for a person who smuggly displays their intelligence.

Meaning of SMART−ARSE slang

Slang: SMART−ARSE means: Smart−arse is slang for a person who smuggly displays their intelligence.

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Meaning of SMART−ARSE

SMART−ARSE means: Smart−arse is slang for a person who smuggly displays their intelligence.

Meaning of SMART−ASS

SMART−ASS means: Smart−ass is slang for a person who smuggly displays their intelligence.

Meaning of al'arse, aul'arse, auldarse, allarse

al'arse, aul'arse, auldarse, allarse means: The spelling is questionable as the word isn't usually written down. Pronounced "aal-arse", it descibes a contemptible individual, particularly one who refuses to co-operate, e.g "'Ee was bein' an al'arse." Probably a contraction of "old arse".

Meaning of arse

arse means: n 1 what you sit on. Very close in meaning to the American “ass,” although actually derived from a different root, as arse is an old English word meaning “tail.” I can’t be arsed I can’t be bothered. bunch of arse load of nonsense: I never bothered reading the bible, the whole thing is a bunch of arse. 2 interj rats. Used alone in a similar fashion to bollocks: I’m sorry to tell you, sir, but you’ve missed the last train. / Arse!

Meaning of ARSE

ARSE means: Arse is British slang for the buttocks or anus. Arse is Australian slang for effrontery; cheek. Arse is a Jamaican slang intensifier.

Meaning of arse-on

arse-on means: Noun. 1. A bad mood. E.g."Keep out of Andy's way, he's got a the arse-on." 2. A difficult task. E.g."It was a right arse on to repair it."

Meaning of screw the arse off

screw the arse off means: Vrb phrs. 1. To copulate vigorously and with great enthusiasm. Cf. 'fuck the arse off.' 2. To drive a car or vehicle aggressively or hard. E.g."I screwed the arse off the hire care for 200 miles and got caught speeding 3 times."

Meaning of arse-ache

arse-ache means: Noun. 1. A bad mood, bad temper. E.g."I've got the arse-ache with my mate - he owes me £200 and won't pay it." 2. A bother, trouble. E.g."It's an arse-ache having to mow the lawn every week. Why can't be just pave over the garden?"

Meaning of fuck the arse off (someone)

fuck the arse off (someone) means: Vrb phrs. Essentially meaning the same as 'fuck one's brains out'. Not necessarily intimating anal intercourse. The elements ..the arse off are often added to verbs as a general intensifier, such as bore the arse off. Similarly also see 'bore the pants off'.

Meaning of DUCK'S ARSE

DUCK'S ARSE means: Duck's arse is British slang for a miser.Duck's arse is London Cockney rhyming slang for an informer (grass).

Meaning of arris

arris means: Noun. Buttocks, 'arse'. Convoluted Cockney rhyming slang for 'arse'; Arris, an abbreviation of Aristotle, rhyming with bottle, and thereafter leading to bottle and glass rhyming with 'arse'. Also aris.

Meaning of badger's arse

badger's arse means: Not good. Normal use "As rough as a badger's arse". Used to describe a particularly bad personal state, either due to hangover i.e. "I feel as rough as a badger's arse" or to describe a non too attractive member of the opposite sex.

Meaning of out on one's arse

out on one's arse means: Phrs. Thrown out, discarded without further consideration. E.g."Any more noise during the ballet performance and you'll all be out on your arse."

Meaning of IN A PIG'S ARSE

IN A PIG'S ARSE means: In a pig's arse is a slang expression of violent enial, refusal, dismissal.

Meaning of ARSE ABOUT

ARSE ABOUT means: Arse about is slang for fool about, behave in an irresponsible or silly manner.

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Meaning of BEADLES

BEADLES means: Beadles was th century American slang for the inhabitants of the state of Virginia.

Meaning of DELI

DELI means: Deli is slang for a delicatessen.

Meaning of donut

donut means: See 'doughnut'.

Meaning of hood

hood means: n convertible top. The part of a convertible car that, well, converts. This only serves to complicate the bonnet/boot confusion. Brits do not use “hood” as an abbreviation of “neighbourhood,” unless they are trying to act like American rap stars. Brits are not very good at that, although it doesn’t stop them trying.

Meaning of fair

fair means: Reverse meaning, i.e. used to mean not fair at all. Basically an early attempt a sarcasm; everytime a teacher made a request. e.g. "Write this down". or made an accusation "You stupid boy", we'd always reply "Fair"' or "That's fair!".

Meaning of Sand

Sand means: Sugar

Meaning of DRINK

DRINK means: Water for locomotive

Meaning of stacked

stacked means: Having a nice female figure. He's already stacked up two cars and his dad isn't giving him the dough to buy a third.

Meaning of WAUPSO

Meaning of UYGICEU

Meaning of XEIPHAYB

Meaning of JYRGYANEA

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