SMILE AND SMIRK means: Smile and smirk is London Cockney rhyming slang for work.

What is the slang definition/meaning of SMILE AND SMIRK?

SMILE AND SMIRK means: Smile and smirk is London Cockney rhyming slang for work.

Meaning of SMILE AND SMIRK slang

Slang: SMILE AND SMIRK means: Smile and smirk is London Cockney rhyming slang for work.

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SMILE AND SMIRK means: Smile and smirk is London Cockney rhyming slang for work.

Meaning of Three-by-nine smile

Three-by-nine smile means: A laug or smile to the full extent on the jaws.


NINE−ACRE SMILE means: Nine−acre smile is Canadian slang for a broad smile.

Meaning of SMILE

SMILE means: Smile is American slang for have a drink.


SKIN YOUR TEETH means: smile plastic smile

Meaning of vertical smile

vertical smile means: Describes the female genitalia seen from the position of the girl lying on her back (or belly, of course). For example, "I wasn't sure I was going to get lucky, but then she showed me her vertical smile".


CHELSEA SMILE means: Chelsea smile is slang for a scar running from the mouth to the ear.

Meaning of WEAR A SMILE

WEAR A SMILE means: Wear a smile is Black−American slang for to be naked


SMILE AND TITTER means: Smile and titter is London Cockney rhyming slang for bitter (beer).Smile and titter was London Cockney rhyming slang for a mixture of mild and bitter.

Meaning of smurf code

smurf code means: This is a code similar to the Bear Code a way of identifying people (c) Copyright 1990, by The SmurfGANG, Inc. A word about the code: The smurfcode was developed painstakingly by *very*small*, *blue*, *cute*little*creatures* called Smurfs, organized into a maternal botherhood called the Smurf Gang. Smurfs are *loveable*, *cuddly* beings who *love* to be *squeezed* ever-so-gently. They especially like *blueberry*ice*cream*. They occasionally ring *cute*little*bells*. And they just want to be *your*friends*. Certain smurfs are particularly good at defending Canada against invaders, marketing Smurf products, presiding over vice, acting very innocent or pompous, describing the historical value of Smurfs, howling at the moon, speaking in Smurf Lingo (Smurf's up!), etc. Since Smurfs and their *friends* have so many varied qualities, we have devised a *really*neat* method for uniquely identifying them. Furthermore, since Smurfs and Bears now intermingle frequently, the Smurfcode is deliberately orthogonal to Bearcode version 1.7. Characteristic letters from both systems may be intermingled to form a Smurfurr code or a Bluebear code. The most obvious characteristic of a Smurf is its giggle, so we logically begin there. Using a capital "S" to denote "SMURF", we have added a sub-class characterizing silliness, which combines a smurf's tee-hee, chortle, guffaw, and overall humor qualities, unambiguously numbered 0 to 9 as follows: 0 - (Little/no humor, or incredibly sparse) We're talking Mona Lisa here. One would never mistake such a meager smile for a smirk. Postings from these Smurfs are invariably serious, though they take undisplayed joy in humorous postings by others. 1 - (VERY slight smirk) This is the kind of smirk people display when they want to signal to other Smurf's that they MIGHT be a Smurf. No raised eyebrows appear. No erect tongue-in-cheek. Usage indicates probable closet smurf. 2 - (Smirk) This unmistakable characteristic indicates an unabashed delight in the silliness of others, but may indicate non-participation. These Smurfs never post original, humorous articles on their own, but they may, rarely, followup with a smart-remark. 3 - (Tee-hee) A giggle in all respects, but very quiet. 4 - (Laugh) Occasionally makes light fun of self or others, particularly friendly others. Enjoys a good joke. 5 - (Chortle) Makes light fun of self or others. 6 - (Chortle Plus) Makes light fun of self, world, or others. Has been known to laugh at PSAT, SAT, GRE, GMAT test or final exam questions, during the examination period. 7 - (Guffaw or Meep) Can make fun of most things, including obnoxious people or situations. 8 - (Snort) Loves to make fun of anything. This can border on bad-taste, but appreciators abound. 9 - (Snort with Acrobatics) Intrusively humorous in finding fun. Wildly ridiculous, often ignored or disliked. Zany. Wacky. Using this scheme, one can narrow a creature down to a subclass, though occasional intractables fall between two classes. The end result is left to the creature classifying. One may use a hybrid designation for those who vary across time (example: S0/9). The number closest to "S" indicates the most probable state. Negative numbers indicate complainers, largely negative numbers designate frequent whiners or complainers. Combinations of negative and positive numbers can appear. For specific examples please visit:

Meaning of VBS

VBS means: Very Big Smile

Meaning of CAS

CAS means: Crack A Smile

Meaning of BSAAW

BSAAW means: Big smile and a wink

Meaning of show some teeth

show some teeth means: To smile.

Meaning of BSAAW

BSAAW means: Big Smile And A Wink

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CHARLES DANCE means: Charles Dance is London Cockney rhyming slang for chance.

Meaning of DOSSHOUSE

DOSSHOUSE means: Dosshouse is British slang for a cheap lodging house, especially one used by tramps.


GOLDEN HANDCUFFS means: Golden handcuffs is slang for a compelling package of perks and benefits offered to executives to keep them locked into their jobs for a certain period of time.

Meaning of LAY OUT

LAY OUT means: Lay out is British slang for to knock someone out in a fight.

Meaning of taking the mickey

taking the mickey means: interj making fun of; laughing at. Essentially a more polite version of “taking the piss.” Your grandmother would be much more likely to use this variant.

Meaning of toley

toley means: Essentially a toley is a jobby and the application of the word means that insults follow like jobby/shit/shite. A classic dignity stripper. However, toley is rather more personalised and is perversely more effective for being less abrasive. Whereas 'shit' may in some cases be construed as good (the classic 'this is good shit man') there is no positive derviation of toley - it is wholly negative in its connotation! Toley is a word that is often used to greatest effect as part of a more creative insulting ramble e.g "Fuckin' useless toley prick" in much the same way as 'Jesus' as an exclamation is used e.g. "Jesus sufferin' fuck" (ed: so now you know!).

Meaning of Stack

Stack means: Order of pancakes

Meaning of NEMBIES

NEMBIES means: Nembutal

Meaning of the most

the most means: Excellent, outstanding. If you don't straighten up and fly right, I'm going to call the man.

Meaning of IOKRUE

Meaning of YOGNOER

Meaning of BIIPUKOI

Meaning of ZOIGLYUCE

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