Slang SNOUT−FACE means

SNOUT−FACE means: Snout−face is slang for a contemptible person.

What is the slang definition/meaning of SNOUT−FACE?

SNOUT−FACE means: Snout−face is slang for a contemptible person.

Meaning of SNOUT−FACE slang

Slang: SNOUT−FACE means: Snout−face is slang for a contemptible person.

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Meaning of SNOUT−FACE

SNOUT−FACE means: Snout−face is slang for a contemptible person.

Meaning of crater face

crater face means: Noun. A face with pock marked skin or the person with such a face.

Meaning of have a face like...

have a face like... means: Vrb phrs. There a numerous pejorative expressions beginning with 'have a face like.., see 'face like a...'

Meaning of face like a leper licking piss off a thistle

face like a leper licking piss off a thistle means: Equivalent of saying someone "has a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp". Refers to someone pulling an ugly face, or indeed can be referring to an ugly girl.

Meaning of BAG ONE'S FACE

BAG ONE'S FACE means: Bag one's face is American slang for hide one's face.

Meaning of Smock-face

Smock-face means: A white face, a face without any hair.

Meaning of FROST FACE

FROST FACE means: Frost face was th century British slang for a face pitted with smallpox.

Meaning of butter face

butter face means: Girl with a gorgeous body and ugly face. used as in "She's got a nice body - but'er face..."

Meaning of baw-face

baw-face means: Used to describe a person with a large round head. e.g. "He has a big baw face". This is a Scots pronunciation of BALL + HEAD, BALL + FACE.

Meaning of FACE

FACE means: Face is slang for an outstanding person. Face is slang for effrontery.

Meaning of 'In Your Face!' (or simply, 'Face!')

'In Your Face!' (or simply, 'Face!') means: I have succeeded in embarrassing or up-staging you (usually as through an exceptional play in basketball).

Meaning of face-fungus

face-fungus means: Noun. Facial hair, such as moustache or beard. Cf. 'face pubes'.

Meaning of auger

auger means: v. to involuntarily take samples of the local geology, usually with one's face, during a crash. See face plant.

Meaning of face time

face time means: A chance to meet people. Tonight I am going to drink face.

Meaning of put one's face on

put one's face on means: Vrb phrs. To apply cosmetic make up. E.g."I can't put my face on until I've found my new lipstick."

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BLACK AND DECKER means: Black and decker is London Cockney rhyming slang for the penis (pecker).

Meaning of po

po means: The police. The po was posted on the corner waiting to bust the party.

Meaning of herkey

herkey means: Taunt. No real meaning but said in a high whine of a voice, it just pisses people off which is the desired result.

Meaning of sweaty giblets

sweaty giblets means: Nonsense phrase to say when all else fails.

Meaning of Twelve alive

Twelve alive means: A dozen raw oysters

Meaning of Bone Jacked

Bone Jacked means: stealing the style of one who is dead.

Meaning of DOWNIE

DOWNIE means: depressant

Meaning of kipe

kipe means: To steal. That Caddy his dad has is king size.

Meaning of UOPHEI

Meaning of EPSUYGR

Meaning of WOYPTYAC

Meaning of TIIZIEJAY

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