Slang SPASTIC means

SPASTIC means: Spastic is derogatory slang for a clumsy, incapable, or incompetent person.

What is the slang definition/meaning of SPASTIC?

SPASTIC means: Spastic is derogatory slang for a clumsy, incapable, or incompetent person.

Meaning of SPASTIC slang

Slang: SPASTIC means: Spastic is derogatory slang for a clumsy, incapable, or incompetent person.

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Meaning of SPASTIC

SPASTIC means: Spastic is derogatory slang for a clumsy, incapable, or incompetent person.

Meaning of scoper, scopey

scoper, scopey means: A euphemism for a person with cerebral palsy, motor disablement, or spasticity.; i,e a 'spastic', This word was coined as a result of the charity 'The Spastics Society" changing their name to Scope in 1994, to avoid continued association with the common usage of the word 'spastic' as a general term of abuse. However it didn't take long for 'scoper' or 'scopey' to become a common euphemism in place of 'spastic'

Meaning of spac

spac means: Noun. An imbecile, objectionable person. From spastic. Offens.

Meaning of spazmo

spazmo means: Noun. Imbecile, objectionable person. Derived from spastic. Offens.

Meaning of spacker

spacker means: Noun. An imbecile, an objectionable person. From spastic. Cf. 'spacky'. Offens.

Meaning of spaz

spaz means: Noun. Imbecile, socially inept person, objectionable person. Also spas. Derived from spastic. Offens.

Meaning of mentalist

mentalist means: Someone considered to be a bit lacking in the brain department: i.e. "the lights are on but no-one's home.". Always more effective when used as part of the phrase, "You big spastic, you're a mentalist.".

Meaning of spag

spag means: Noun. 1. Abb. of spaghetti. Also spag bol, spaghetti bolognese. 2. An imbecile, socially inept person. From spastic. Cf. 'spaz'.

Meaning of spasticity

spasticity means: The potential level of spasticness that a person can achieve. The higher the spasticity levels, the greater the chance of doing a spastic act. i.e. I have a generally high propensity for spasticity, in a sentence... oops, sorry all, just displaying my level of spasticity.

Meaning of spaz, spazzer

spaz, spazzer means: Idiot. Rooted in the word "Spastic". In use, if someone dropped their pen/book/lunch or tripped over, or was bad at sports someone else would shout "Errrr, Spaz!", or "You are such a Spazz", or "Duuuuuuh Spaz!". In extreme cases, if someone was a well know Spaz or Spazzer, at the end of a school day when the spaz's parents arrived to pick the spaz up, children may be heard to say "Look! there goes Ernie in his Spaz-mobile!"

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BACK ALONG means: Back along is Dorset slang for some time ago.

Meaning of POOFHOUSE

POOFHOUSE means: Poofhouse is British slang for a pub frequented by homosexuals.

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CRYPT means: nitrite inhalant

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cut means: the patch of seal is “cut” when nearly all in sight are killed and hauled on board

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Macer means:     A cheat

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Greenbean/Greenie means: the newest arrival to the Glade.

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blog means: A web log, a web journal. Don't let that blockhead hold the money; he'll lose it for sure.

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hawkshaw means: Detective. Your idea doesn't have legs; it won't fly.

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home slice means: A close friend. Harry's my home skillet.

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numbskull means: A stupid or foolish person. I'm taking care of number one and you guys can fend for yourselves.

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