Slang SPIKY means

SPIKY means: Spiky is slang for ritualistic.

What is the slang definition/meaning of SPIKY?

SPIKY means: Spiky is slang for ritualistic.

Meaning of SPIKY slang

Slang: SPIKY means: Spiky is slang for ritualistic.

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Meaning of SPIKY

SPIKY means: Spiky is slang for ritualistic.

Meaning of gooseberry

gooseberry means: (1) a fruit with a tart, sharp flavour. Is green with spiky hairs. (2) an unwanted person who tags along with a couple who need some 'private time'. (3) testicle... 'hairy gooseberry'

Meaning of mullet

mullet means: (1) Type of haircut: short on top (possibly spiky) and long at the back. (2) Used to describe white trash. It is usually yelled when someone resembeling whit trash passes by...."Mullllllleeeeeet!!!!!".

Meaning of BOG−BRUSH

BOG−BRUSH means: Bog−brush is a slang name for someone with spiky hair.

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Meaning of BLOW BEETS

BLOW BEETS means: Blow beets is American slang for to vomit

Meaning of DEERAY

DEERAY means: Deeray is British slang for a yard, three feet.

Meaning of DELANTZ

DELANTZ means: Delantz is slang for hydromorphone hydrochloride.

Meaning of MOF

MOF means: Matter Of Fact

Meaning of innit

innit means: Contracted form of "isn't it?", doesn't it, don't they etc. Origin possible UK Euro-Asian, although I heard it during the 1960's in Italian restaurants in South Wales. Prob. adaptation of earlier "it-int, int-it", London usage similar meaning. Pronounced with stress on 1st and 3rd syll. Example of use: "You goin' wi mi sister, init". May thus be used in interrogative form or may be used rhetorically - init! (ed: many thanks to my friend Kevin Allen for making that totally incomprehensible!)

Meaning of maw (yer ...)

maw (yer ...) means: Pronounced, 'yer-maw' as in 'claw'. This is a classic riposte when one's string of stand-by retorts has been exhausted. The always effective 'thing to say when there is nothing else to say' and in that way it is very much the supercalifragilisticexpealidocious of the scruffy playground. When stuck for a witty rejoinder merely resort to "Oh aye...yer maw". An eternal argument winner. Is often countered with subsequent elaborations "'re maw";"Yer fuckin' maw";and the endlessly creative and enigmatic "Aye...yer maw's baws!" (ed: for the unenlightened, maw = mother, baw = balls)

Meaning of Ravi Shankar

Ravi Shankar means: Wanker. That referee is a right Ravi

Meaning of Blacky Chan

Blacky Chan means: Blacks who practice martial arts

Meaning of wattle

wattle means: a small slim fir

Meaning of DIECOA

Meaning of PYTSYUJ

Meaning of IOLIELRY

Meaning of PSUIDULSE

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