Slang SPIKY means

SPIKY means: Spiky is slang for ritualistic.

What is the slang definition/meaning of SPIKY?

SPIKY means: Spiky is slang for ritualistic.

Meaning of SPIKY slang

Slang: SPIKY means: Spiky is slang for ritualistic.

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Meaning of SPIKY

SPIKY means: Spiky is slang for ritualistic.

Meaning of gooseberry

gooseberry means: (1) a fruit with a tart, sharp flavour. Is green with spiky hairs. (2) an unwanted person who tags along with a couple who need some 'private time'. (3) testicle... 'hairy gooseberry'

Meaning of mullet

mullet means: (1) Type of haircut: short on top (possibly spiky) and long at the back. (2) Used to describe white trash. It is usually yelled when someone resembeling whit trash passes by...."Mullllllleeeeeet!!!!!".

Meaning of BOG−BRUSH

BOG−BRUSH means: Bog−brush is a slang name for someone with spiky hair.

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Meaning of BENNIE

BENNIE means: Bennie is slang for a tablet of Benzedrine (amphetamine sulphate).


GREEN WELLY BRIGADE means: Green welly brigade is British derogatory slang for wealthy townspeople who visit the country at weekends.

Meaning of dogging

dogging means: Noun. Anonymous, public sex between strangers, usually taking place in cars or outdoors and in the presence of voyeurs.

Meaning of scaredy-cat

scaredy-cat means: Noun. A person who is frightened. Mainly adolescent use, often employed as a taunt. Derog.

Meaning of Gift Of Gab/ Gift A Gab

Gift Of Gab/ Gift A Gab means: To be good at hustling. EX-I got the GIFT OF GAB.

Meaning of Zonked

Zonked means: A spot, pimple or boil on the skin

Meaning of get on your nerves

get on your nerves means: To annoy, bother. Go play in another room; you are getting on my nerves.

Meaning of Right as Rain

Right as Rain means: Fine. "After a good night's rest, he'll be right as rain."

Meaning of rush

rush means: A sudden pleasant surge of the senses. The politician ran out of gas during the campaign.

Meaning of IEMOUF

Meaning of GYOWHOA

Meaning of GYALAENE

Meaning of FUOHYIJOE

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