Slang SPIKY means

SPIKY means: Spiky is slang for ritualistic.

What is the slang definition/meaning of SPIKY?

SPIKY means: Spiky is slang for ritualistic.

Meaning of SPIKY slang

Slang: SPIKY means: Spiky is slang for ritualistic.

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Meaning of SPIKY

SPIKY means: Spiky is slang for ritualistic.

Meaning of gooseberry

gooseberry means: (1) a fruit with a tart, sharp flavour. Is green with spiky hairs. (2) an unwanted person who tags along with a couple who need some 'private time'. (3) testicle... 'hairy gooseberry'

Meaning of mullet

mullet means: (1) Type of haircut: short on top (possibly spiky) and long at the back. (2) Used to describe white trash. It is usually yelled when someone resembeling whit trash passes by...."Mullllllleeeeeet!!!!!".

Meaning of BOG−BRUSH

BOG−BRUSH means: Bog−brush is a slang name for someone with spiky hair.

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Meaning of GALVO

GALVO means: Galvo is Australian slang for galvanized iron.


NUMBER−CRUNCHING means: Number−crunching is slang for handling complex calculations.

Meaning of glass back

glass back means: Noun. A fragile back or spinal area, prone to injury.

Meaning of rub-up

rub-up means: Verb. Meaning the same as 'rub-off'.

Meaning of hops

hops means: the ability to jump high.  "He has hops." 

Meaning of bud

bud means: Dreadful, bad. e.g. "That is so bud" as in something that is really crap. Very big in the eighties in Swindon, England, (ed: if you've ever been to Swindon you'll know why I left that comment in!). Possibly derived from 'bad'. Mark elaborated on this somewhat with the following: The word did originate in Swindow around 1978 by kids from the Haydon Wick/Greenmeadow area of North Swindon. It actually derives from 'bod' as in the children's tv programme, Bod. Example: 'You're fucking bod'. This eventually metamorphosed into 'bud'. This was peculiar to my age group at the time, ages from 11 - 14. Other examples of usage are: 'He's a bud kid'; 'this is so fucking bud'; 'what a bud place' and 'I hate school, it's so bud'. WHen Mark was 25, he was amazed to hear kids as young a 9, saying it. As far as he knows, people still use it in the Haydon Wick/Greenmeadow/Moredon/Rodbourne Cheney areas - aging from schoolchildren to grown ups of 40. It has permeated out to other areas of Swindon as well.

Meaning of degenerate bar

degenerate bar means: A gay bar where anything goes, the bar may have back room for sex.

Meaning of Hanky Codes

Hanky Codes means: The handkerchief code was a way, for men to recognize each other with then meet on the streets, bar, clubs, movies, and parks. The handkerchief code used location and color, to indicate the sexual interests, of the potential sex partners. LEFT SIDE COLOR RIGHT SIDE Anal sex, top Dark blue Anal sex, bottom Anythings Goes, top Orange Anything Goes, bottom Fist fucker Red Fist fuckee Food fetish, top Mustard Food fetish,bottom Gives Golden Showers Yellow Wants golden showers Hustler, selling Green Hustler, buying Light S/M, top Robin's egg blue Light S/M, bottom Oral sex, top Light blue Oral sex, bottom Uniforms/military, top Olive drab Uniforms/military,bottom Bondage, top Gray Bondage, bottom Recruiting a virgin White Is a virgin Gothic romance, top White lace Gothic romance, bottom Heavy S&M, top Black Heavy S&M, bottom Scat, top Brown Scat, bottom [From 1970's]   [from 1990's]

Meaning of jinx

jinx means: Something or someone that brings bad luck. Did you remember to wear your jimmies?

Meaning of YERDOA

Meaning of PTOALSY

Meaning of STEAKROY

Meaning of OIPOUPSAU

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