Slang STRAPPED means

STRAPPED means: Strapped is slang for lacking, short of.

What is the slang definition/meaning of STRAPPED?

STRAPPED means: Strapped is slang for lacking, short of.

Meaning of STRAPPED slang

Slang: STRAPPED means: Strapped is slang for lacking, short of.

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Meaning of strapped

strapped means: Adj. 1. Lacking, short of. E.g."Can you give it some thought? I'm strapped for ideas." {Informal}. 2. Poor, short of money. E.g."I can't come out tonight, I'm strapped."

Meaning of Strapped

Strapped means: , (strapt) v. past participle.  Carrying a weapon.   “When Shaft went underground, he was always strapped.”  [Etym., African American]

Meaning of strapped

strapped means: adj. Carrying a weapon.  "Don't worry, I'm strapped with my nine." 

Meaning of STRAPPED

STRAPPED means: Strapped is slang for lacking, short of.


STRAPPED FOR CASH means: Strapped for cash is British slang for short of money.

Meaning of strapped (... for cash)

strapped (... for cash) means: Without money "Gawd I'd love a pint but I'm strapped for cash.".

Meaning of beer goggles

beer goggles means: The device that attaches to your face after the consumption of alcohol that turns even the most ugly girl into an absolute stunner. Normally referred to the morning after as in "Christ! Did you see that munter I pulled last night, my beer goggles must have been well and truly strapped on". Can be modified by referring to the degree of tightness with which the beer goggles are strapped to the face as in 'My beer goggles were on so tight they were cutting into my face!"

Meaning of STRAPPED

STRAPPED means: Packing a gun.

Meaning of STRAPPED

STRAPPED means: Packing a gun.

Meaning of strapped

strapped means: desperately short of money; hard up

Meaning of heat

heat means: The police. Watch out for John, he's strapped with heat.

Meaning of heat

heat means: cops.  2. a gun.  "Watch out for John, he's strapped wit' heat!" 

Meaning of heat

heat means: A gun. Watch out for John, he's strapped with heat.

Meaning of Gat

Gat means: n. A gun (derived from Gatling gun). This term came of age during the late 80’s when rap groups such as NWA used the term for guns. *Although this term is not widely used anymore, it still bears stating as it has had use and could be still in circulation in certain contexts.  "Paul, you didn’t tell me you was strapped! Why you gotta have a Gat?" 

Meaning of game

game means: A man’s conversation, specifically his attempts at wooing females.  "Marcel, she ain’t going to go out with you. You got no game!"  2. A male’s whole presence; his conversation, and how he presents himself.  "Did you see Jay over there? He’s got game."  3. Awareness and involvement in activity, usually used in reference to selling drugs.  "Stay strapped when you make that money cause the game is no joke." 

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NINE−INCH KNOCKER means: Nine−inch knocker is slang for the penis.

Meaning of WIGGER

WIGGER means: Wigger is British slang for a white man who is trying to act like a black man. The term is especially applied to a white rapper.

Meaning of raving

raving means: Adj. The act of going to a 'rave'.

Meaning of reefer

reefer means: [from grifa, a Mexican-Spanish word for marijuana] (1) a marijuana cigarette. (2) marijuana

Meaning of Yummy

Yummy means: n. They are Millennial generation, "young urban males" with well-paying jobs and no family to support, at least not yet. The Yummies have disposable income to burn (which is not common among other Millennials).  

Meaning of hot milk

hot milk means: Semen or any fluid secreted at orgasm.

Meaning of GET A GIFT

GET A GIFT means: obtain drugs

Meaning of cap

cap means: A bullet. Their parents caught them canoodling in the living room.

Meaning of WHANGY

Meaning of YAGIAWA

Meaning of OYPSYCMY

Meaning of POYZOCHUI

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