Slang TOM PATROL means

TOM PATROL means: Tom patrol is British slang for the vice squad.

What is the slang definition/meaning of TOM PATROL?

TOM PATROL means: Tom patrol is British slang for the vice squad.

Meaning of TOM PATROL slang

Slang: TOM PATROL means: Tom patrol is British slang for the vice squad.

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Meaning of SWIFT BOAT

SWIFT BOAT means: U.S. Navy patrol boat, designated PCF (patrol craft fast), part of operation Market Time, used to patrol coastal waters and rivers of Vietnam.

Meaning of PATROL

PATROL means: Patrol is American slang for to wander aimlessly while deciding an evening's events or entertainment.

Meaning of TOM PATROL

TOM PATROL means: Tom patrol is British slang for the vice squad.

Meaning of BUSH PATROL

BUSH PATROL means: Bush patrol is American slang for sexual foreplay. Bush patrol is American slang for sexual intercourse.

Meaning of SLACK MAN

SLACK MAN means: second man in a patrol, behind the POINTMAN.

Meaning of CAP

CAP means: Combat Air Patrol. Usually defensive in nature.

Meaning of PBR

PBR means: short for PATROL BOAT RIVER.

Meaning of go on track

go on track means: For a prostitute - to go into an area and patrol for customers.

Meaning of LRP OR LRRP

LRP OR LRRP means: (Lurp) long-range reconnaissance patrol. Pg. 514

Meaning of faire sa ronde

faire sa ronde means: be on one’s rounds; be on the beat; be on patrol

Meaning of bush patrol

bush patrol means: Cruising the parks and beaches for chance meetings with other men for sex.

Meaning of MiGCAP

MiGCAP means: Combat Air Patrol over groundattack aircraft to protect against an air-to-air threat.

Meaning of troll

troll means: v. trolled, trolling, trolls v. tr. / v.intr. To patrol (an area) in search for someone or something.

Meaning of RONTHREE or RON3

RONTHREE or RON3 means: larger Coast Guard vessels assigned off-shore patrol work.

Meaning of LURPS

LURPS means: long-range reconnaissance patrol members. Also, an experimental lightweight food packet consisting of a dehydrated meal and named after the soldiers it was most often issued to. Pg. 514

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CUNNY WARREN means: Cunny warren was th century British slang for a brothel.


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Meaning of moshpit

moshpit means: Noun. An area immediately infront of the stage at gigs where 'moshing' occurs. [Orig. U.S.]

Meaning of soft in the head

soft in the head means: Phrs. Stupid, dimwitted.

Meaning of RTM

RTM means: Read The F**king Manual.

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Q2C means: Quick To Cum

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french kissing means: Mouth to mouth contact in which the tongue is inserted into the partners mouth and manipulated.

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meth means: Crystal Methamphetamine, a very dangerous narcotic. A mess of kids hang out at Taco's.

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