Slang WACKO means

WACKO means: Wacko is slang for crazy, insane.

What is the slang definition/meaning of WACKO?

WACKO means: Wacko is slang for crazy, insane.

Meaning of WACKO slang

Slang: WACKO means: Wacko is slang for crazy, insane.

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Meaning of wacko

wacko means: Crazy, insane. Mona is totally wacko.

Meaning of WACKO

WACKO means: Wacko is slang for crazy, insane.

Meaning of wacko

wacko means: Insane. In the UK the term became popularised by singer, Michael Jacksons peculiar behaviour and be became known as "Wacko Jacko". (ed: as at Nov. 2003, Michael is in trouble again 12 years after he was last accused of molesting little boys)

Meaning of wacko

wacko means: crazy, insane, mad

Meaning of wacko

wacko means: Adj. Crazy, insane. [Orig. U.S.]

Meaning of wacko

wacko means: Crazy, insane. The guy is wack; you can't talk to him.

Meaning of wacky

wacky means: Crazy, insane. Mona is totally wacko.

Meaning of wack, wacko

wack, wacko means: n A person regarded as eccentric or irrational.

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JEW means: Jew is British slang for a miser.Jew is British slang for to get the better of someone financially.

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LIFTIES means: Lifties is American slang for height−enhancing soles worn inside shoes.


LIQUID LAUGH means: Liquid laugh is American slang for to vomit.

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semi means: Noun. A half erect penis. An abb. of semi-erection. [1990s]

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buggered (... up) means: (1) to have engaged in anal intecourse. (2) to tire" e.g. "I just walked 10 miles home. I'm knackered!"

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qweeb means: More derogitory version of the word "Dweeb" meaning a Dork of questionable sexuality. Some history. The contributors school had a teacher who would allow "low grade" swearing but would only do so on paymnt into a "swear box" of 25 cents a word. Thus the class invented many new words based on words already in common usage to avoid the payments. Thus the words were used (and abused) regularly in the town. Lots of other words invented at this time were:

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Longrider means: An outlaw, someone who usually had to stay in the saddle for an extended period of time while on the run from a crime.

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