Slang WATER means

WATER means: Water is slang for methamphetamine; PCP; a mixture of marijuana and other substances within a cigar.

What is the slang definition/meaning of WATER?

WATER means: Water is slang for methamphetamine; PCP; a mixture of marijuana and other substances within a cigar.

Meaning of WATER slang

Slang: WATER means: Water is slang for methamphetamine; PCP; a mixture of marijuana and other substances within a cigar.

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Meaning of WORK WATER

WORK WATER means: Some old-time engineers preferred to work the water (operate the injector and watch the water glass or gauge cocks). On most roads the fireman now works the water

Meaning of Breakers

Breakers means: Waves breaking over rocks or shoals. A wave that approaches shallow water, causing the wave height to exceed the depth of the water it is in, in effect tripping it. The wave changes from a smooth surge in the water to a cresting wave with water tumbling down the front of it. They serve as a warning that there is danger there.

Meaning of Brown Water Navy

Brown Water Navy means: A navy consisting of shallow water or shallow draft vessels. A navy whose ships are not suited to deep water and open-water combat.

Meaning of Hydrofoil

Hydrofoil means: A craft more or less similar to the Hovercraft insofar as it flies over water and thus eliminates friction between the water and the hull. Under acceleration it rises above water but remains in contact with the surface through supporting legs or foils.

Meaning of Freeing Port

Freeing Port means: An opening in the bulwark or rail for discharging large quantities of water, when thrown by the sea upon the ship's deck. Some ships have "swing gates" which allow water to drain off but which automatically close from the pressure of sea water.

Meaning of dipper

dipper means: a small container used for taking water out of a larger water-container; an harp-seal before reaching the age on one year when it takes to water

Meaning of HOLY WATER

HOLY WATER means: Holy water is British slang for whisky and water.Holy water is London Cockney rhyming slang for daughter.

Meaning of Sea

Sea means: (1) A body of salt water. A very large body of fresh water. (2) The condition of the water around a boat. Heavy seas for example.

Meaning of Ground Swells

Ground Swells means: (1) Long wave formations during calm or light air formed by waves running into shoaling water. (2) A sudden swell or rise of water near the shore that often occurs in otherwise calm conditions. It is caused by undulating water from a far away storm.

Meaning of Canal

Canal means: A manmade waterway used to connect bodies of water that do not connect naturally. Canals use locks to raise and lower boats when connecting bodies of water that have different water levels.

Meaning of Rip Tide

Rip Tide means: The rip tide is not a tide, it is a current. When waves hit the beach they hit at an angle and push water ahead of them. This water forms a current that flows parallel to the shore, called the longshore current. When the shape of the beach changes, or its direction (as in from North:South to Northeast:Southwest) the speed of the current changes. Locally this can cause more water to flow into an area than can flow out, and water will pile up. This is much like a traffic jam for the currents. However, the water, which is trapped next to the shore, cannot get out because of the longshore current. Eventually, so much water will pile up that it can break through the longshore current in a small area. The large amount of water rushing through a small break causes a strong current in a small area that flows perpendicular (away) from the shore. This is the rip tide.

Meaning of furphy

furphy means: Any rumour. C-1914 - present Aus, Water carts of the Australian Army during WWI were manufacturered by the company Furphy and Sons. When soldiers had time to discuss various rumours it was mostly done whilst collecting daily water rations. Hence they earnt the name that was cast on the rear of the water tank "Furphy". (ed: more history!)

Meaning of Underway

Underway means: Not attached to the shore or the ground in any manner. Usually, but not necessarily, moving through or making way through the water.With respect to a vessel, the word "way" means" motion through the water." (1) Underway Making Way: When you are underway, you are said to be "proceeding from one place "toward" another, whether actually in motion through the water or not." The key phrase is "motion through the water." (2) Underway Not Making Way: When you are adrift, you are underway; that is, your vessel is not tied to the dock, anchored or aground.

Meaning of Water Ballast

Water Ballast means: Sea water used for ballast, let into the double bottom, or into a water:ballast tank, or trimming tanks.

Meaning of BELCH WATER

BELCH WATER means: Belch water is American slang for soda water.

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Meaning of EAT CROW

EAT CROW means: Eat crow is British slang for accept insult without complaining.

Meaning of flake out

flake out means: Verb. To collapse from exhaustion. {Informal}

Meaning of pop one's clogs

pop one's clogs means: Vrb phrs. To die. E.g."I'm afraid old Fred has finally popped his clogs."

Meaning of bang

bang means: have sex

Meaning of hecka

hecka means: see "hella." 

Meaning of SWEETS

SWEETS means: amphetamine

Meaning of CUPOLA

CUPOLA means: Observation tower on caboose

Meaning of IGTP

IGTP means: I get the point

Meaning of heavy

heavy means: Serious, profound. If you are heavy, you can't come in.

Meaning of OOSHIU

Meaning of KOATEHO

Meaning of IITENSYU

Meaning of OAGNOUTCH

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