Slang balls to the wall means

balls to the wall means: Phrs. Quickly.

What is the slang definition/meaning of balls to the wall?

balls to the wall means: Phrs. Quickly.

Meaning of balls to the wall slang

Slang: balls to the wall means: Phrs. Quickly.

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Meaning of balls to the wall

balls to the wall means: Phrs. Quickly.

Meaning of Balls to the Wall

Balls to the Wall means: Maximum speed.

Meaning of BALLS

BALLS means: Balls is slang for any anabolic steroid. Balls is slang for the testicles.Balls is slang for nonsense.Balls is slang for courage, nerve.


GOLDEN−BALLS means: Golden−balls is slang for the three gilt balls suspended as a sign in the front of a pawn−broker's place of business.

Meaning of balls

balls means: Testicles. e.g. "I'm going to kick you in the balls," and "He's got huge balls!"

Meaning of Bulkhead

Bulkhead means: An upright wall within the hull of a ship. Particularly a watertight, load-bearing wall.

Meaning of Balls are in the purse

Balls are in the purse means: - When your buddy either won't ride with you or he is exceptionally weak and timid.  "Get your balls back from your girlfriends purse!"  "You must have left your balls in your purse!".


UP AGAINST THE WALL means: Up against the wall is an American slang expression of rage, defiance, menace.

Meaning of OFF THE WALL

OFF THE WALL means: Off the wall is slang for eccentric, unusual.

Meaning of UP THE WALL

UP THE WALL means: Up the wall is slang for to become, or cause to become, crazy or furious.

Meaning of off the wall

off the wall means: Crazy, insane. Most of what he says is off the wall.

Meaning of dancing dollies

dancing dollies means: A typically sadistic playground game in which several targets lined up against a wall whilst others attempted to hit them with spherical projectiles (commonly tennis, golf and foot balls, less commonly a cricket ball), creating the appearance of 'dancing' in the targets when avoiding the missiles. Popular in spring/ summer terms at contributors primary school.

Meaning of Benwa Balls

Benwa Balls means: A sex aid consisting of small plastic or metal balls that are placed in the anus or the vagina.

Meaning of balls (!)

balls (!) means: Noun. 1. Testicles. Usually in plural. 2. Courage, in for example, "She hasn't got the balls to tell him the truth." 3. Rubbish, nonsense. Exclam. Expressing annoyance.

Meaning of spit balls

spit balls means: Paper wads chewed up into an icky mass. Kids would usually use the body of an ink pen with the ink cartridge removed to shoot them like blowguns at each other, or even better, at the back of a teacher's head. Whatver they hit, they stuck to like glue. The bathrooms were covered with similar but much larger paper wads made from wetting balls of toilet tissue and casting it at the ceilings, hoping it would stick. The contributor graduated High School in 1980 and I'm sure they were doing it long before then... there are references to "pea shooters" from over a hundred years ago, which were hollow tubes you blew peas or spit balls through. (ed: I used them to shoot 'pigeon peas' through - I wish I'd known about spit balls!)

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Meaning of JAM PIE

JAM PIE means: Jam pie is London Cockney rhyming slang for eye.


THIRTEEN AND A BAKERS means: Thirteen and a bakers is British slang for no difference, the same.

Meaning of RMETTH

RMETTH means: Rolling My Eyes To The Heavens

Meaning of shady

shady means: Unclear or purposely misleading; "He's being shady about what went on."

Meaning of puss

puss means: Ass.

Meaning of MSG

MSG means: Message

Meaning of Bamma

Bamma means: , (BAM-uh)  n., a person that is weak, dresses out of fashion and or is pretentious   “Hey, look at those Maryland bamma's?”  [Etym., spoken in and around Washington, D.C. area; possible originating from Ala-bama]   

Meaning of psych

psych means: To influence mentally. She has props from friends and family but still can't pull it all together.

Meaning of loot

loot means: stolen money or goods

Meaning of STUEMT

Meaning of PUTSAIR

Meaning of SYAXIEXA

Meaning of UXOONYMUI

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