Slang beggar means

beggar means: Noun. Euphemism for 'bugger'.

What is the slang definition/meaning of beggar ?

beggar means: Noun. Euphemism for 'bugger'.

Meaning of beggar slang

Slang: beggar means: Noun. Euphemism for 'bugger'.

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Meaning of BEGGAR BOY'S

BEGGAR BOY'S means: Beggar boy's (shortened from beggar boy's arse) is London Cockney rhyming slang for money(brass).


BEGGAR BOY'S ASS means: Beggar boy's ass is London Cockney rhyming slang for the beer Bass.

Meaning of BEGGAR

BEGGAR means: Beggar is British slang for a person.


BEGGAR BOY'S ARSE means: Beggar boy's arse is London Cockney rhyming slang for money (brass).


BEGGAR MY NEIGHBOUR means: Beggar my neighbour is London Cockney rhyming slang for on the labour (unemployed).


BEGGAR'S LAGGING means: Beggar's lagging is British slang for three weeks in prison.


BEGGAR MAKER means: Beggar maker is British slang for a publican, bookmaker.

Meaning of Beggar Boy's Ass

Beggar Boy's Ass means: Bass

Meaning of Beggar-My-Neighbour

Beggar-My-Neighbour means: Labour

Meaning of Beggar

Beggar means: Black people often want "something for nothing."

Meaning of beggar

beggar means: Noun. Euphemism for 'bugger'.

Meaning of Beggar-maker

Beggar-maker means: A publican, or ale-house keeper.

Meaning of Lurker

Lurker means:     A criminal of all work, esp. a begger, or someone who uses a beggar's disguise.

Meaning of Dummerer

Dummerer means: Somebody who pretends to be (deaf and?) dumb in order to appear a more deserving beggar

Meaning of SCHNORRER

SCHNORRER means: Schnorrer is American slang for a person who lives off the charity of others; professional beggar.

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Meaning of A−STOODED

A−STOODED means: A−stooded is Dorset slang for sunk in the ground, stuck in the mud.

Meaning of BORSTAL

BORSTAL means: Borstal is old English slang for a steep and narrow path up a hill in which one could hide.

Meaning of sarky

sarky means: Adj. Abb. of sarcastic.

Meaning of Skive

Skive means: - To skive is to evade something. When I was a kid we used to skive off school on Wednesdays instead of doing sports. We always got caught of course, presumably because the teachers used to do the same when they were fourteen!

Meaning of Blow your wig

Blow your wig means: Become very excited

Meaning of LEMONADE

LEMONADE means: poor quality drugs

Meaning of G

G means: (gee) n., Friend, comrade, member of the same gang.  “Come on, G, let’s get out of here.”  see, O.G.  [Etym., African American]

Meaning of Do Down

Do Down means:   To beat someone badly, punishing them with your fists. (Boxing)

Meaning of steady

steady means: Boyfriend or girlfriend. Hortense said that she would meet me for dinner but she stood me up.

Meaning of TIGNUO

Meaning of IIKEAST

Meaning of AITHYIFT

Meaning of OITCHUECO

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