Slang bits and bats means

bits and bats means: Noun. Miscellaneous items. Cf. 'bits and bobs'.

What is the slang definition/meaning of bits and bats?

bits and bats means: Noun. Miscellaneous items. Cf. 'bits and bobs'.

Meaning of bits and bats slang

Slang: bits and bats means: Noun. Miscellaneous items. Cf. 'bits and bobs'.

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Meaning of bits and bats

bits and bats means: Noun. Miscellaneous items. Cf. 'bits and bobs'.

Meaning of Bits and Bats

Bits and Bats means: Cool

Meaning of BATS

BATS means: Bats (shortened from bats in the belfy) is slang for mad; demented.

Meaning of bats

bats means: Crazy, insane. You're completely bats if you think I'll lend you $5.

Meaning of thrupenny bits

thrupenny bits means: Noun. See 'threepenny bits'. Thrupenny Bits - also the title of The Hampton Cobbler's original, cheeky and addictive punk rock football song.


BATS IN THE BELFRY means: Bats in the belfry is slang for mad; demented.

Meaning of fish bits

fish bits means: The long bits of hair at the back of a mullet hairstyle.

Meaning of threepenny bits

threepenny bits means: Noun. Women's breasts. Rhyming slang on 'tits'. Also thrupenny bits. Cf. 'thrups'.

Meaning of wobbly bits

wobbly bits means: Noun. 1. Generally the fat bits of a persons body that might be prone to jiggle. 2. A woman's breasts.

Meaning of in bits

in bits means: Adj. Mentally confused. E.g."It's no wonder he's in bits, he's had two tabs of acid, four grams of coke and smoked an ounce of draw."

Meaning of two bits

two bits means: A 25-cent piece. I wouldn't give him two bits for that tin can he drives.

Meaning of thrups

thrups means: Noun. Women's breasts. Shortening of thrupenny bits, rhyming slang on 'tits'. See 'threepenny bits'.

Meaning of Two-Bob Bits

Two-Bob Bits means: Shits (diarrhoea). I've got a real case of the two-bob bits.

Meaning of IN BITS

IN BITS means: In bits is slang for mentally confused.


NAUGHTY BITS means: Naughty bits is British slang for the genitals.Naughty bits is British slang for sexual scenes in a film or show.

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CEILING INSPECTOR means: Ceiling inspector is slang for a willing female sexual partner.


ON ONE'S JACK JONES means: On one's Jack Jones is British slang for on one's own.

Meaning of schoolboy howler

schoolboy howler means: Noun. A very stupid mistake, one considerably worse than a 'howler'. Cf 'howler'. {Informal}

Meaning of Get Otta Here

Get Otta Here means: Slang phrase meaning the same as bullshit, or used to express thoughts such as: You're lying, Stop it, or You're crazy.Often accompanied by a push, ranging from light tap to a hard shove. Most commonly used in the south eastern, rural parts of Wisconsin. More popular with the cliques of jocks and preps, originating from the jock subclique: skaters.

Meaning of nth

nth means: nothing

Meaning of double-cross

double-cross means: To betray. Wearing a polka dot dress to a funeral is not surprising for someone as dotty as Maude Lynn Dresser.

Meaning of fab

fab means: Excellent, outstanding. Lela, I saw Gordon eyeballing you in the office yesterday.

Meaning of masher

masher means: A young man who makes improper advances to women. Mike Hunt is a masher who doesn't develop lasting relationships with girls.

Meaning of ape | apeshit

ape | apeshit means: (in phrases go ape and go apeshit) wild excitement or great anger

Meaning of ICAYPI

Meaning of GUANUAN

Meaning of WEUWHEOF

Meaning of OISSEEMSI

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