Slang butch means

butch means: Adj. 1. Tough looking, masculine. 2. A masculine lesbian.

What is the slang definition/meaning of butch ?

butch means: Adj. 1. Tough looking, masculine. 2. A masculine lesbian.

Meaning of butch slang

Slang: butch means: Adj. 1. Tough looking, masculine. 2. A masculine lesbian.

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Meaning of BUTCH

BUTCH means: Butch is slang for markedly or aggressively masculine. Butch is slang for a lesbian who is noticeably masculine. Butch is slang for a strong rugged man.

Meaning of BUTCH UP

BUTCH UP means: Butch up is slang for to become more assertive, tougher, more masculine.

Meaning of butch/femme

butch/femme means: Describing a relationship in which one person is femme and one is butch, and describing the dynamic between them.

Meaning of butch

butch means: Homosexual.

Meaning of Kiki

Kiki means: A lesbian who is either butch or fem.

Meaning of butchilinity

butchilinity means: The quality of being butch.

Meaning of Butch

Butch means: To play truant

Meaning of butch as Kong

butch as Kong means: Very masculine; apelike.

Meaning of boydyke

boydyke means: A boyish butch lesbian.

Meaning of baby butch

baby butch means: Young boyish, adolescent.

Meaning of San Francisco clones

San Francisco clones means: Drag queens or butch lesbian.

Meaning of stone-butch

stone-butch means: A masculine lesbian who will perform sexual acts on other women, but who will not let others make love to her.

Meaning of diesel (dyke)

diesel (dyke) means: Noun. A butch lesbian. A little less derogatory than 'bull-dyke'.

Meaning of butch

butch means: Adj. 1. Tough looking, masculine. 2. A masculine lesbian.

Meaning of andro dyke or androgynous dyke

andro dyke or androgynous dyke means: Lesbian who is neither very masculine nor very feminine. The push for lesbians to look androgynous came during the 1970s as part of lesbian feminism, and was a backlash against the Butch/Femme social structure of the working class bar scene.

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Meaning of FUNKSTER

FUNKSTER means: Funkster is American slang for a performer or fan of funky music.

Meaning of porking

porking means: Noun. An act of sexual intercourse.

Meaning of TTY

TTY means: To The Top.

Meaning of Big deal!

Big deal! means: An interjection of dismissal. You sold your car for $500. Big deal! I got $750 for mine.

Meaning of sex-pot

sex-pot means: A sexy or seductive woman. She thinks she is a sex pot when she wears those low-cut blouses.

Meaning of wet rag

wet rag means: A squelcher. Arnold is such a wet rag he won't even dance.

Meaning of sippin' on da syrup

sippin' on da syrup means: Drinking beer or liquor.

Meaning of Funky

Funky means: cool

Meaning of CIYDAO

Meaning of YPHEGLA

Meaning of DYITHEAH

Meaning of EIFUIRGAO

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