Slang clout means

clout means: Noun. Vagina.

What is the slang definition/meaning of clout?

clout means: Noun. Vagina.

Meaning of clout slang

Slang: clout means: Noun. Vagina.

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Meaning of Clout

Clout means: Intelligence, ability or foresight. e.g. "By the way he is acting, I don't think he's got much clout"

Meaning of CLOUT

CLOUT means: Clout is British slang for the vagina. Clout is British slang for to hit.

Meaning of Clout

Clout means: Shoplifter

Meaning of clout

clout means: Noun. Vagina.

Meaning of clout

clout means: to hit an opponent hard

Meaning of Clout

Clout means: A blow or strike, usually with the fist.

Meaning of lamp

lamp means: Verb. To hit, to clout. E.g."I can't believe she lamped him. Just for coming home drunk."

Meaning of juice

juice means: n 1. Vigorous life; vitality. 2. Political power or influence; clout. 3. a. Electric current. b. Fuel for an engine. 4. Funds; money. 5. Alcoholic drink; liquor. 6. Racy or scandalous gossip

Meaning of CLOT

CLOT means: . cloth, an essential part of most Jamaican bad words, such as bumbo clot, rass clot, blood clot, etc. The essence of Jamaican cursing seems to be nastiness, rather than the blashemy or sexuality which is characteristic of the metropolitan countries.. to hit or strike - from the verb "to clout". . literally means a used tampon

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Meaning of ARNOLDS

ARNOLDS means: Arnolds is slang for any anabolic steroid.

Meaning of PULLET

PULLET means: Pullet is British slang for a young male passive homosexual partner of an older man.

Meaning of Jimmy

Jimmy means: - Actually short for Jimmy Riddle. i.e. I'm off for a Jimmy Riddle. This is Cockney rhyming slang for piddle!

Meaning of BOLO

BOLO means: Bark Out Loud or Barking Out Loud.

Meaning of have a hissy

have a hissy means: Throw a fit. Mama had a hissy when she saw me in the tank top and miniskirt.

Meaning of Hey Fats

Hey Fats means: Phrase, means "Hey what's up buddy"

Meaning of Dyed In The Wool

Dyed In The Wool means: Ingrained, thorough.

Meaning of DEAD MAN'S HOLE

DEAD MAN'S HOLE means: Method of righting an overturned engine or car. A six-foot hole is dug about forty feet from the engine or car, long enough to hold a large solid-oak plank. A trench is then dug up to the engine and heavy ropes laid in it, with a four-sheave block, or pulley, at the lower end of the engine and a three-sheave block at the top of the boiler. Chains are fastened to the underside of the engine and hooked to the three-sheave block. The free end of the rope is then hooked to the drawbar of a road engine. The hole is filled-packed hard to hold the "dead man" down against the coming pull. When the engine moves up the track she pulls ropes over the top of the boiler of the overturned locomotive on the chains that are fastened to the lower part, rolling the engine over sidewise and onto her wheels again

Meaning of Jankity

Jankity means: (JAN-ki-tee) adj., (also: janky, janked, jankity-ass, jankity-assed) in bad shape, broken, old, in disrepair, messed up.  “Her old backpack was hecka jankity.”  “I’ve got a jankity TI-82.”  [Etym., African American]

Meaning of AONOAF

Meaning of PSIIPTO

Meaning of NEYGOICA

Meaning of AUDSOULSO

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