Slang folding means

folding means: Noun. Money, in particular higher denomination notes. See also 'holding the folding'.

What is the slang definition/meaning of folding ?

folding means: Noun. Money, in particular higher denomination notes. See also 'holding the folding'.

Meaning of folding slang

Slang: folding means: Noun. Money, in particular higher denomination notes. See also 'holding the folding'.

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Meaning of folding/folding stuff/folding money/folding green

folding/folding stuff/folding money/folding green means: banknotes, especially to differentiate or emphasise an amount of money as would be impractical to carry or pay in coins, typically for a night out or to settle a bill. Folding, folding stuff and folding money are all popular slang in London. Folding green is more American than UK slang. Cassells says these were first recorded in the 1930s, and suggests they all originated in the US, which might be true given that banknotes arguably entered very wide use earlier in the US than in the UK. (Thanks P Jones, June 2008)

Meaning of folding

folding means: Noun. Money, in particular higher denomination notes. See also 'holding the folding'.

Meaning of holding the folding

holding the folding means: Vrb phrs. Having adequate cash on one's person. The folding refers to monetary notes.


HOLDING FOLDING means: Holding folding is British slang for to be in possession of money.


FOLDING STUFF means: Folding stuff is slang for money.

Meaning of Lettuce

Lettuce means: Folding money

Meaning of Moolah

Moolah means: Money, cash, folding bank notes.

Meaning of Flake

Flake means: (1) To lay a line out in coils so that it can run without fouling. (2) Folding a sail in layers on the boom.

Meaning of Cabbage, lettuce, kale, folding green, long green.

Cabbage, lettuce, kale, folding green, long green. means: color of money

Meaning of trailer tent

trailer tent means: n pop-up camper. A sort of folding-up caravan. It starts off as an average-sized trailer and then unfolds into a sort of crappy shed when you reach a campsite.

Meaning of NAILS

NAILS means: a type of warhead attached to a 2.75-inch, spin-stabilized, folding-fin, aerial rocket. Called flechettes, this round was used against personnel targets. It was usually launched from helicopter gunships. The number of nails in a round escapes me, but it is around several hundred.

Meaning of cabbage

cabbage means: money in banknotes, 'folding' money - orginally US slang according to Cassells, from the 1900s, also used in the UK, logically arising because of the leaf allusion, and green was a common colour of dollar notes and pound notes (thanks R Maguire, who remembers the slang from Glasgow in 1970s).

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CEILING INSPECTOR means: Ceiling inspector is slang for a willing female sexual partner.


ON ONE'S JACK JONES means: On one's Jack Jones is British slang for on one's own.

Meaning of schoolboy howler

schoolboy howler means: Noun. A very stupid mistake, one considerably worse than a 'howler'. Cf 'howler'. {Informal}

Meaning of Get Otta Here

Get Otta Here means: Slang phrase meaning the same as bullshit, or used to express thoughts such as: You're lying, Stop it, or You're crazy.Often accompanied by a push, ranging from light tap to a hard shove. Most commonly used in the south eastern, rural parts of Wisconsin. More popular with the cliques of jocks and preps, originating from the jock subclique: skaters.

Meaning of nth

nth means: nothing

Meaning of double-cross

double-cross means: To betray. Wearing a polka dot dress to a funeral is not surprising for someone as dotty as Maude Lynn Dresser.

Meaning of fab

fab means: Excellent, outstanding. Lela, I saw Gordon eyeballing you in the office yesterday.

Meaning of masher

masher means: A young man who makes improper advances to women. Mike Hunt is a masher who doesn't develop lasting relationships with girls.

Meaning of ape | apeshit

ape | apeshit means: (in phrases go ape and go apeshit) wild excitement or great anger

Meaning of ZYOBAU

Meaning of EWOIMIO

Meaning of PSESYAKS

Meaning of VEEPOAPTY

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