Slang front bottom means

front bottom means: Noun. The vagina, the female genitals. A euphemism used mainly by females. [1980s]

What is the slang definition/meaning of front bottom ?

front bottom means: Noun. The vagina, the female genitals. A euphemism used mainly by females. [1980s]

Meaning of front bottom slang

Slang: front bottom means: Noun. The vagina, the female genitals. A euphemism used mainly by females. [1980s]

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FRONT BOTTOM means: Front bottom is slang for the female genitals.

Meaning of Front Bottom

Front Bottom means: A French person

Meaning of minge

minge means: 1 n lady’s front bottom. The etymology may be Romany. 2 n Pubic hair.

Meaning of front bottom

front bottom means: Noun. The vagina, the female genitals. A euphemism used mainly by females. [1980s]

Meaning of Touch and Go

Touch and Go means: The bottom of the ship touching the bottom, but not be stuck on the bottom (grounding). ie. The ship temporarily went aground, or touched bottom, then continued on its way.

Meaning of front bottom

front bottom means: Female genital area including vagina. Felt to be a less offensive mode of reference than, for example, 'cunt'.

Meaning of Front

Front means:   (front) v.,  Acting fake, putting on a cover.  “Don’t front like you’re prep when you’re really gangster.” [Etym., African American]

Meaning of FRONT

FRONT means: Front is British slang for cheek, effrontery.Front is British slang for the legitimate face hiding a dishonest business.Front is British slang for to confront.

Meaning of Hanky Codes

Hanky Codes means: The handkerchief code was a way, for men to recognize each other with then meet on the streets, bar, clubs, movies, and parks. The handkerchief code used location and color, to indicate the sexual interests, of the potential sex partners. LEFT SIDE COLOR RIGHT SIDE Anal sex, top Dark blue Anal sex, bottom Anythings Goes, top Orange Anything Goes, bottom Fist fucker Red Fist fuckee Food fetish, top Mustard Food fetish,bottom Gives Golden Showers Yellow Wants golden showers Hustler, selling Green Hustler, buying Light S/M, top Robin's egg blue Light S/M, bottom Oral sex, top Light blue Oral sex, bottom Uniforms/military, top Olive drab Uniforms/military,bottom Bondage, top Gray Bondage, bottom Recruiting a virgin White Is a virgin Gothic romance, top White lace Gothic romance, bottom Heavy S&M, top Black Heavy S&M, bottom Scat, top Brown Scat, bottom [From 1970's]   [from 1990's]

Meaning of front wheelie

front wheelie means: n. what endo used to mean in BMX: a trick where the rider applies the front brake and lifts the back wheel off the ground; this is the basis for many BMX tricks. Most riders cannot pedal effectively while doing a front wheelie. Also called a "nose wheelie" or "stoppie."

Meaning of dropping bottom

dropping bottom means: Driving around with the bass on the audio system set at a vibration level liable to cause permanent damage to hearing and possibly other internal organs. Or to put it another way, "Yo dude just chillin round town dropping bottom. To elucidate, "dropping bottom" is dumping extreme amounts of low frequencies into the stratosphere. i.e. big subwoofers in a automobile.

Meaning of Erwin, doing an Erwin

Erwin, doing an Erwin means: When a rider riding at the front sets a heavy tempo that the rest of the bunch don't wanna do, hence he tends to roll off the front on his own. The Erwin came about from the 93' Tour when Erwin Nijboer from Benesto was setting a heavy tempo in the front of the peloton. Big Mig rolls through the bunch up to the front called out "Erwin, Erwin" then flicks his head back to indicate "Slow down, I don't want you to set this tempo."

Meaning of Trawl

Trawl means: A large net with its mouth held open, towed by a trawler along the bottom to catch bottom fish.

Meaning of Sighting the Bottom

Sighting the Bottom means: Drydocking, beaching, or careening a vessel and carefully examining the bottom with a view to ascertaining any damage it may have.

Meaning of V-Bottom:

V-Bottom: means: A hull with the bottom section in the shape of a "V."

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Meaning of RUBIK'S CUBES

RUBIK'S CUBES means: Rubik's cubes is London Cockney rhyming slang for pubic hair (pubes).

Meaning of YELLOW

YELLOW means: Yellow is slang for cowardly.Yellow is slang for oriental women viewed purely as sex partners.Yellow is American slang for LSD.

Meaning of no great shakes

no great shakes means: Phrs. Not very good.

Meaning of twit

twit means: Noun. An idiot. Patronising and derogatory but often jocular.

Meaning of Fanny

Fanny means: This is the word for a woman's front bits! One doesn't normally talk about anyone's fanny as it is a bit rude. You certainly don't have a fanny pack, or smack people on their fannys - you would get arrested for that! Careful use of this word in the UK is advised!

Meaning of Harvey Nichol

Harvey Nichol means: Pickle

Meaning of HEAVEN

HEAVEN means: heroin

Meaning of CRACK BACK

CRACK BACK means: crack and marijuana

Meaning of OADRAI

Meaning of GLIAFTA

Meaning of OIDOYCKO

Meaning of UINEYKRUY

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