Slang hard-lines! means

hard-lines! means: Exclam. Bad luck! See 'hard cheese!'.

What is the slang definition/meaning of hard-lines!?

hard-lines! means: Exclam. Bad luck! See 'hard cheese!'.

Meaning of hard-lines! slang

Slang: hard-lines! means: Exclam. Bad luck! See 'hard cheese!'.

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Meaning of hard-lines!

hard-lines! means: Exclam. Bad luck! See 'hard cheese!'.

Meaning of Hard lines

Hard lines means: bad luck

Meaning of Hard lines

Hard lines means: This is another way of saying hard luck or bad luck.

Meaning of Hard lines

Hard lines means: This is another way of saying hard luck or bad luck.

Meaning of Halyard

Halyard means: Derived from the term "haul yard", traditionally it referred to lines used to raise a yard into place, or lines which held a yard in a particular orientation. Today, on a naval vessel, it refers to the lines used to hoist flags on a ship's mast.

Meaning of Lignum Vitae

Lignum Vitae means: A smooth hard wood grown in the West Indies which had many maritime uses, such as deadeyes and the sheaves of blocks. Its hardness stood up well to wear, and its smoothness allowed lines to render through easily.

Meaning of hard

hard means: N, Adj, V. A person who is tough and rugged; can fight well.  "Tye know how to fight, damn he hard!"  2. An erect penis.  "I stay hard in my math class cause my teacher so hot."  3. Good sex.  "I hit that hard last night." 

Meaning of HARD NUT

HARD NUT means: Hard nut is British slang for a tough, uncompromising person. Hard nut is Australian slang for a hard to break horse.

Meaning of Splice

Splice means: To join two lines together by interweaving and tucking their strands over and under each other in various manners. A strong way of joining lines without the use of knots.

Meaning of Backwinded

Backwinded means: When the wind pushes on the wrong side of the sail, causing it to be pushed away from the wind. If the lines holding the sail in place are not released, the boat could become hard to control and heel excessively.

Meaning of go hard

go hard means: To show off or display skill with great intensity  "Man I can't wait to get back on the court I'm a go hard on all of y'all."  2. Very cool  "I like that song from lil wayne; that beat go hard than a mug." 

Meaning of Hard Pushed or Hard Run

Hard Pushed or Hard Run means: Hard pressed, to be in a difficulty, short of cash.

Meaning of Marry

Marry means: Clutching two parallel lines together in your hands and pressing them together, using the friction between the lines to hold them fast. When the ship's berthing hawsers are doubled-up, the second hawser is "married" to the first while a seaman takes turns on the bollard.

Meaning of Brails

Brails means: Lines used to pull the outer edge (leech) of a fore:and:aft sail forward to a mast. These lines are used to temporaily furl the sail.

Meaning of Jack Lines

Jack Lines means: Safety lines, usually of flat webbing, that run along the deck between bow and stern used to attach a tether from a safety harness.

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Meaning of COW JUICE

COW JUICE means: Cow juice is British slang for milk.


TIGRE DE BLANCO means: Tigre de Blanco is slang for heroin.

Meaning of shit stirring

shit stirring means: Noun. Trouble making, for the sake of it.

Meaning of Biffy

Biffy means: Bathroom, could be inside or outside.

Meaning of Hump

Hump means: - If you have got the hump it means you are in a mood. If you are having a hump, it means you are having sex. Care is advised when you try using these words for the first time. It could be embarrassing!

Meaning of MRA

MRA means: Moving Right Along

Meaning of rusty crotch

rusty crotch means: A female of the ginger persuasion.

Meaning of Can You Dig It

Can You Dig It means: You Understand

Meaning of Bed-fagot

Bed-fagot means: Prostitute.

Meaning of bight

bight means: a long curve in the coastline

Meaning of AOHOAZ

Meaning of EUSIUBO

Meaning of EYHAIVEE

Meaning of KOYPOUFAI

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