Slang hod full means

hod full means: Adj. A large amount. From the building trade and a hod full of bricks. Also hodful.

What is the slang definition/meaning of hod full?

hod full means: Adj. A large amount. From the building trade and a hod full of bricks. Also hodful.

Meaning of hod full slang

Slang: hod full means: Adj. A large amount. From the building trade and a hod full of bricks. Also hodful.

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Meaning of chockablock | chock-a-block | chock-full

chockablock | chock-a-block | chock-full means: completely full of people or things, crammed full

Meaning of full stop

full stop means: n period. The little dot at the end of a sentence, not the part of the menstrual cycle. Brits also use full stop for emphasis the same way that Americans use “period”: And I says to him, I’m not putting up with this any more, full stop.

Meaning of (the) full monty

(the) full monty means: Noun. The complete amount. The Monty is also spelt with a capital M. E.g."No we didn't do the full monty but I think next time I can persuade her." See associated article the full monty.

Meaning of Chock-Full or Chuck-Full

Chock-Full or Chuck-Full means: Entirely full.

Meaning of Full quid

Full quid means: Having full control of one's body and mind. See also Not the full quid

Meaning of full of shit

full of shit means: speaking absolute rubbish ‘You’re full of shit’

Meaning of hod full

hod full means: Adj. A large amount. From the building trade and a hod full of bricks. Also hodful.

Meaning of Full

Full means: The appearance of muscle pressing against skin. The best competitive bodybuilders manage to look simultaneous full and shredded.

Meaning of MAUL

MAUL means: Work an 'engine with full stroke and full throttle

Meaning of Full and By

Full and By means: Sailing as close to the wind as possible with all sails full and drawing.

Meaning of FULL

FULL means: Full is American and Australian slang for drunk.

Meaning of Rap Full

Rap Full means: As close to the wind as possible, with all sails full, and no wrinkles in them.

Meaning of à bride abattue

à bride abattue means: at full speed; full throttle

Meaning of en-og

en-og means: (ed: this may be a shortened version. If anyone has the full term or can confirm I'd appreciate it) Alleyway (entry) between houses. Often really scummy nasty place full of dog crap - it was a bit of an initiation to pee in a new enog.

Meaning of RAM−JAM FULL

RAM−JAM FULL means: Ram−jam full is slang for crammed full.

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GOOSE AND DUCK means: Goose and duck is London Cockney rhyming slang for sexual intercourse (fuck).


LEMON SQUASH means: Lemon squash is London Cockney rhyming slang for wash.

Meaning of ONE AND T'OTHER

ONE AND T'OTHER means: One and t'other is London Cockney rhyming slang for brother. One and t'other is London Cockney rhyming slang for mother.

Meaning of carpet

carpet means: Noun. 1. £3, £30, or £300. 2. A 3 month prison sentence. [Prison use] 3. In betting, 3/1. A double carpet being 33/1.

Meaning of glory hole

glory hole means: Noun. 1. A small room or cubbyhole, in which items are stored, often in an untidy fashion. {Informal} 2. A small hole in the dividing wall between two toilet cubicles; used for voyeurism and sexual encounters, mainly by homosexual males.

Meaning of Keith Cheggars

Keith Cheggars means: Adj. Pregnant. Rhyming slang on 'preggars'. Cheggars, a nickname for Keith Chegwin, a British TV show presenter and personality. Also spelt Keith Cheggers and often abb. to cheggars.

Meaning of Whoady

Whoady means: (WHOE-dee) n.,  Friend, family.  “He’s been my whoady for three years.”  [Etym., New Orleans]

Meaning of skiddoo

skiddoo means: To leave. Sketchy people hang out in the hood at night.

Meaning of EWHUAR

Meaning of LAEFUIJ

Meaning of IUPIASEY

Meaning of PHOOGUIPH

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