Slang job's a good'un! means

job's a good'un! means: Exclam. Expressing a thing or situation is good.

What is the slang definition/meaning of job's a good'un!?

job's a good'un! means: Exclam. Expressing a thing or situation is good.

Meaning of job's a good'un! slang

Slang: job's a good'un! means: Exclam. Expressing a thing or situation is good.

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Meaning of good set

good set means: Several good waves in close succession. "I got spat out one good wave and caught a second straight away, good set!"

Meaning of Baller

Baller means: 1) someone who's very good at sports (in the United States, usually basketball); 2) someone who works his or her way up from nothing to achieve greatness; 3) someone who's good at what he or she does or the act of being good at what you do

Meaning of good call!

good call! means: Exclam. Good thinking! Good decision! [Orig. U.S.]

Meaning of s’annoncer bien

s’annoncer bien means: look good; be off to a good start (lit.: to announce itself good)

Meaning of Wha’s really good?

Wha’s really good? means: Or “what’s good?” A greeting. When you see a friend, you say this.  "Wha's really good son?" 

Meaning of Good value

Good value means: This is short for good value for money. It means something is a good deal.

Meaning of Good value

Good value means: This is short for good value for money. It means something is a good deal.

Meaning of Ten-four Good Buddy

Ten-four Good Buddy means: Borrowed from CB slang; probably not used as much by kids as adults. "Ten-Four" means "I got your message" and "good buddy" was what CBers called each other. "You got the skinny on that?" "Ten-four, good buddy."

Meaning of GOOD DEAL

GOOD DEAL means: Good deal is American slang for good, excellent, great.

Meaning of Shakes

Shakes means: Not much, not so good. "His horse riding abilities are no great shakes." Also means a moment, an instant. "Hold on, I'll get to it a couple of shakes." Also means a good opportunity, offer, bargain, or chance. "He gave me a good shake on that land."

Meaning of oudish

oudish means: Very good, excellant, top hole, spiffing. Basically wicked good!

Meaning of tener buen tipo

tener buen tipo means: have a good figure; have a good body. (used in Spain)

Meaning of caerle bien a alguien

caerle bien a alguien means: look good; feel good; seem pleasant. (lit.: to fall well to someone)

Meaning of GOOD OIL

GOOD OIL means: Good oil is Australian slang for true or reliable facts, information, etc.

Meaning of Smart Sprinkle

Smart Sprinkle means: A good deal; a good many. Used in the interior of the Western States.

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EVENING NEWS means: Evening news is London Cockney rhyming slang for bruise.

Meaning of NERF

NERF means: Nerf is slang for to bump another vehicle slightly with one's own vehicle.

Meaning of OUMAN

OUMAN means: Ouman is South African slang for a veteran.Ouman is South African slang for an experienced soldier.

Meaning of ROB

ROB means: Rob is slang for steal.

Meaning of FOH

FOH means: Fresh Off The Boat.

Meaning of SSIA

SSIA means: Subject Says It All

Meaning of Kirby grip

Kirby grip means: n Bobby pin. The little pins you poke in your hair to keep it in place.

Meaning of bubba

bubba means: Used to describe a big dumb red neck. Also used to mean big stupid kid, or big retarded kid. Used as a put down. The word has been in use for over 45 years. The Contributor still hears kids using it as a put down, and some parents using it as a baby nick name. Was also used in the movie Forest Gump. Also 'Bubba' was a big retarded black guy, in the TV show Nash Bridges the main character calls all criminals Bubba. Just background, please don't use this information, it would muddle the meaning. (ed: oops!) Actually, in Oz at least, 'Bubba' has become the generic name of anyone of a mentally incongruous state incarcerated for an extended period and therefore denied access to female companionship for a considerably time, leaving him in a constant state of sexual drustration. The result of all this is that any prisoner unfortunate to be confined with Bubba in his cell will be immediately, violently, repeatedly and comprehensively buggered!. The possibility that one might have to serve out a sentence sharing a cell with 'Bubba' ought to deter all but the most desperate of criminals from carrying out their nefarious deeds. Yet it doesn't. Odd that! USA, AUS, UK

Meaning of egg-in-the-nest

egg-in-the-nest means: Derogatory term for any teacher with a complete lack of hair on top but still hanging onto a rim of hair round the sides and back. Used to excellent effect behind the teachers back but almost fatal if used in the line of fire.

Meaning of AETAYT

Meaning of KAYGYUJ

Meaning of EMAOTHOI

Meaning of YACHIYNEI

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