Slang knocking shop means

knocking shop means: Noun. A brothel.

What is the slang definition/meaning of knocking shop ?

knocking shop means: Noun. A brothel.

Meaning of knocking shop slang

Slang: knocking shop means: Noun. A brothel.

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KNOCKING SHOP means: Knocking shop is British slang for a brothel.

Meaning of knocking shop

knocking shop means: Noun. A brothel.

Meaning of granny knocking

granny knocking means: Knocking on doors and running away before the occupier answers.

Meaning of KNOCKING ON

KNOCKING ON means: Knocking on is British slang for getting old.

Meaning of SHOP

SHOP means: Shop is slang for dismiss someone from employment. Shop is British slang for to tell or inform on someone. Shop was old th and th century slang for prison. Shop is theatre slang for employment.

Meaning of grab a granny night

grab a granny night means: Ostensibly an evening set aside at a night club or disco for the more 'mature' patrons, these developed into a voluntary knocking shop where the more 'mature' females would be chatted up by men and boys who were none to particular who or what they were having it away with so long as they were having it away with someone other than their fists. The males usually being relatively young and the females being relatively old... have rise to the term. Sort of fits tho doesn't it?

Meaning of batty fat woman shop

batty fat woman shop means: Most kids purchased their sweets from a corner shop, sweet shop, tuck shop, etc; in one school they bought from the Batty Fat Woman Shop. The shop still exists, although the proprietor is not the same Fat Woman who was undoubtably Batty. She was very, um, large, pale, unnecessarily ugly and she was constantly suspicious of everyone stealing stuff. Contributor says that when she thinks on it now, since we were school children, that was probably wise. She spoke in a very thick Yorkshire accent, which of course was subject to years of torment and mocking as us south-western school children thought every word she uttered sounded hilarious. (ed: she also sent the address but thought we ought not publish it!)

Meaning of knock up

knock up means: v bang upon someone’s door, generally to get them out of bed: OK, g’night - can you knock me up in the morning? In U.S. English, “knocking someone up” means getting them pregnant. Although most Brits will feign innocence, they do know the U.S. connotations of the phrase and it adds greatly to the enjoyment of using it. Both Brits and Americans share the term “knocking off,” to mean various other things.


ANTENNA SHOP means: Antenna shop is slang for a shop that displays prototype products in order to test consumer reaction.

Meaning of Grog shop

Grog shop means: Liquor shop. See also Bottle Shop


EARL'S KNOCKING AT THE DOOR means: Earl's knocking at the door is American slang for to vomit.

Meaning of GREEK SHOP

GREEK SHOP means: Greek shop is South African slang for a corner shop.


KNOCKING HER DEAD ONE ON THE NOSE EACH AND EVERY DOUBLE TREY means: Knocking her dead one on the nose each and every double trey is Black−American slang for to get a paycheck every sixth day.

Meaning of BUCKET SHOP

BUCKET SHOP means: Bucket shop is American slang for an office or a place where facilities are given for betting small sums on current prices of stocks, petroleum, etc.Bucket shop is English slang for a place where cheap airline seats are sold.

Meaning of all over the shop

all over the shop means: Phrs. 1. In a mess, out of order, disorganized. 2. Everywhere. E.g."I've been all over the shop this morning and I can't find her anywhere."

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Meaning of CORNSTALK

CORNSTALK means: Cornstalk is Australian slang for a native Australian. Cornstalk is Australian slang for a tall thin man.

Meaning of ROACHA

ROACHA means: Roacha is slang for cannabis.

Meaning of STRIDERS

STRIDERS means: Striders is Black−American slang for trousers

Meaning of Maccy D's

Maccy D's means: Noun. McDonalds, the fast food company. Also occasionally Macky D's. [Orig. U.S.]

Meaning of spitball

spitball means: To guess, estmate. Can you spitball the crowd at the concert last night.

Meaning of lekker

lekker means: Pronounced 'lacker'). Very nice, choice, sweet, good. e.g. "We had a lekker time by the sea.". "MMMM... these are lekker!" Originally Afrikaans (or maybe Dutch before that even??)

Meaning of Turkey-Irish

Turkey-Irish means: (ed: entered verbatim as I have no real idea what this is about - but it sounds almost sensible!) There is a "secret language" called Turkey-Irish. It is similar to Opish. For more details see If you want to delve deeper into this topic, go to, (includes a table of Double-Dutch equivalents), and The etymology of the term Pig Latin is (I think)interesting. Of course, it has nothing to do with pigs. And nothing to do with Latin either, except that the derivation of the word Latin and the second half of Pig Latin are identical. Latin is simply the Semitic word LaSHoN = tongue, with the original dental-sound for the shin. Compare Ladino; and Lisan, the tongue of land that almost divides the Dead Sea into north and south parts. The "pig" in Pig Latin is related to Semitic peh-gimel-(heh) PaG(aH) = boy (or girl) before puberty. Compare English "page" = a boy servant or attendant, or the redundant "pageboy" haircut. There are a wide variety of children's languages. To the extent that they are designed to keep secrets from adults, they *must* change every generation.

Meaning of intergenerational relationships

intergenerational relationships means: A relationship where one person prefers a love partner much older than himself or herself, and the other person prefers a love partner much younger. for more infor: Male Intergenerational Intimacy (1991) edited by Theo Sandfort, Ph.D.; Edward Brogersma, JD; and Alex van Naerssen, Ph.D.

Meaning of kiddie-porno

kiddie-porno means: Child pornography.

Meaning of IEGLEO

Meaning of ZIISUOS

Meaning of RYAPSAEF

Meaning of EIRDOIJAI

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