Slang lose one's marbles means

lose one's marbles means: Vrb phrs. To go crazy, to lose control.

What is the slang definition/meaning of lose one's marbles ?

lose one's marbles means: Vrb phrs. To go crazy, to lose control.

Meaning of lose one's marbles slang

Slang: lose one's marbles means: Vrb phrs. To go crazy, to lose control.

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LOSE ONE'S MARBLES means: Lose one's marbles is slang for to become deranged, feeble−minded or crazy.

Meaning of lose one's marbles

lose one's marbles means: Vrb phrs. To go crazy, to lose control.

Meaning of Marbles

Marbles means: Wit, intelligence, or good sense.“Have you lost your marbles?”

Meaning of LOSE ONE'S RAG

LOSE ONE'S RAG means: Lose one's rag is British slang for to lose one's temper, to lose control of oneself.

Meaning of studdy

studdy means: Large ball bearing over 1 inch diameter used in the game of marbles to trash your opponents lesser glass marbles. There were special rules for bringing studdys into play, which have completely escaped my memory now - it was a long time ago. Sometimes contracted to Stud. Only ever came across this word in Nuneaton.

Meaning of benker

benker means: A ball - bearing used in a game of marbles, made of steel but referred to as an "iron benker". Favourite tactic employed - take a 4-inch diameter iron benker and drop directly onto glass opposition marbles, thereby smashing them to smithereens. Crude but effective.

Meaning of LOSE IT

LOSE IT means: Lose it is British slang for to lose control, become enraged.


LOSE ONE'S BOTTLE means: Lose one's bottle is British slang for to lose one's nerve, to have one's courage desert one.

Meaning of LOSE ONE'S COOL

LOSE ONE'S COOL means: Lose one's cool is slang for to lose one's composure or temper.

Meaning of ramasser une veste

ramasser une veste means: lose one’s shirt; lose badly (in an election)

Meaning of lose one's rag

lose one's rag means: Vrb phrs. To lose control in a fit of fury, to be very angry. E.g."You should keep out of Jill's way when she loses her rag; she's got a lethal right hook."

Meaning of Lose one's block

Lose one's block means: Lose one's self-control. Fits or screaming. Loud burst of anger. See also Ropeable

Meaning of Marbles

Marbles means: Pearls

Meaning of Marbles And Conkers

Marbles And Conkers means: Bonkers (Mad)

Meaning of bas or Baz

bas or Baz means: to kiss. Baz marbles is a Newfoundland expression

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Meaning of BEMBE

BEMBE means: Bembe is West Indian slang for a bully.


CLIMB THE WALL means: Climb the wall is slang for to have an overly emotional reaction.


DUTCH COURAGE means: Dutch courage is slang for the courage of partial intoxication.

Meaning of SKULLED

SKULLED means: Skulled is slang for intoxicated, drunk, ynder the influence of drugs.

Meaning of collar

collar means: To capture or arrest. I knew they would collar the robber sooner or later.

Meaning of bang bang

bang bang means: n. Fake bootleg clothing, sneakers, jewelry and or gear.  "Look at that fool tryin’ floss wit’ them bang bang bapes and monkey jeans, the tag is even upside down!" 

Meaning of goey

goey means: n. Street term for speed.  "Hey don’t mess around with Alex; that fool is on that ooey goey." 

Meaning of satched, satchied

satched, satchied means: To be very wet; 'soaked through'. Dimunition of 'saturated.

Meaning of Line

Line means: Insincere flattery.

Meaning of MAENOM

Meaning of IWOOSTA

Meaning of ILYIRGYI

Meaning of EYPSUGNOI

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