Slang meat means

meat means: Noun. Sexual organs.

What is the slang definition/meaning of meat ?

meat means: Noun. Sexual organs.

Meaning of meat slang

Slang: meat means: Noun. Sexual organs.

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Meaning of Making Meat

Making Meat means: On the Western prairies, cutting into thin slices the boneless parts of the buffalo, or other meat, and drying them in the wind or sun. Meat thus prepared may be preserved for years without salt.

Meaning of RAW MEAT

RAW MEAT means: Raw meat is slang for the sex organs. Raw meat is slang for sexual intercourse.

Meaning of beat the meat

beat the meat means: Verb. To masturbate. E.g."My son seems to be preoccupied with beating his meat at every possible hour of the day."

Meaning of meat curtains

meat curtains means: Labia. A.k.a 'pussy flaps'. e.g "I spread her meat cutains and sucked her clit".

Meaning of DOG'S MEAT

DOG'S MEAT means: Dog's meat is London Cockney rhyming slang for feet.

Meaning of PIG MEAT

PIG MEAT means: Pig meat is Black−American slang for an older woman

Meaning of meat

meat means: n 1. Something that one enjoys or excels in: Tennis is his meat. 2. a. The human body regarded as an object of sexual desire. b. The genitals.

Meaning of EASY MEAT

EASY MEAT means: Easy meat is slang for a person who is easy to seduce or take advantage of. Easy meat is slang for something easy to achieve or acquire.

Meaning of DEADERS

DEADERS means: meat, meat by-products

Meaning of meat

meat means: A male. That new freshman looks like mean meat.

Meaning of meat pillows

meat pillows means: Buttocks. [Would you just look at the meat pillows on that Mary! I'd love to knock the stuffing out of those...].


PLATTERS OF MEAT means: Platters of meat is London Cockney rhyming slang for feet.


PLATES OF MEAT means: Plates of meat is London Cockney rhyming slang for feet.

Meaning of PLATE OF MEAT

PLATE OF MEAT means: Plate of meat is London Cockney rhyming slang for street.


TRUNCHEON MEAT means: Truncheon meat is British slang for a victim of police brutality.

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Meaning of HEAD TRIP

HEAD TRIP means: Head trip is slang for self−obsessive behaviour.Head trip is slang for delusion, incoherence, self−contemplation, especially when drug induced.

Meaning of NINE WINKS

NINE WINKS means: Nine winks is slang for a very short nap.

Meaning of Knickers ina knot

Knickers ina knot means: upset ‘Don’t get your knickers in a knot’

Meaning of nimmed

nimmed means:

Meaning of dangles

dangles means: Long-hanging earrings.

Meaning of pervert

pervert means: Pertaining to, practicing sexual perversion.

Meaning of gander

gander means: A look. That girl has game.

Meaning of hack

hack means: To make fun of. If you mess with my girl, you'll just hack me, Mack.

Meaning of squeeze

squeeze means: Girlfriend. Don't try to put the squeeze on me, buddy; I don't squeeze easily.

Meaning of IYNSAI

Meaning of NYUSHII

Meaning of UHEODEIZ

Meaning of ZEARAOGAU

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