Slang odd-fish means

odd-fish means: Noun. An eccentric or unusual person.

What is the slang definition/meaning of odd-fish ?

odd-fish means: Noun. An eccentric or unusual person.

Meaning of odd-fish slang

Slang: odd-fish means: Noun. An eccentric or unusual person.

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Meaning of splitter

splitter means: member of a fish crew who cuts out the back or sound bone of the cod fish and opens the fish to the tail for salting and drying

Meaning of FISH

FISH means: Fish is British slang for the vagina.Fish is British slang for a heavy drinker.Fish is British slang for a con−man's victim.Fish is Black−American slang for a woman.

Meaning of guppy

guppy means: A generic term, "guppy" was a bit of wild card insult that could mean almost anything derogatory — thick, stupid, unpopular, unlikable, ugly etc. The comeback was that the real meaning of guppy was a pregnant fish so, when insulted thusly I would adopt a sort of intellectual and moral superiority and sneer "I am *not* a pregnant fish" at my tormentors. When I was 12 (and only just out of the habit of using the word guppy as an insult) I bought myself some tropical fish and was most stunned to find that a guppy *was* actually a fish, though not neccessarily a pregnant one.

Meaning of packing fish

packing fish means: a method for keeping partially dried and dried cod-fish from spoiling or developing “dun” when damp weather conditions prevailed tht did not allow for spreading. Salted and drying ish would be unpacked from one pile and replaced into another to kee “dun” and other conditions from harming the fish.

Meaning of making (fish)

making (fish) means: the process of preserving fish by salting and drying; curing.

Meaning of stout

stout means: a large black fly that gives trouble to fish curers in summer by depositiong its eggs on the fish

Meaning of gen up on (something)

gen up on (something) means: Verb phrs. To find out about (something). E.g."I'm getting a fish tank next week, so I've been genning up on tropical fish." {Informal}

Meaning of MACCA BACK

MACCA BACK means: boney fish used to make fish soup

Meaning of Queer Fish

Queer Fish means: An odd or eccentric person. Also called odd stick and odd fish.

Meaning of purge

purge means: (putt) a purge or putt of fish means a catch of fish, generally it is used in a complimentary way (“a fine purge or putt of fish you’ve got in that punt”)

Meaning of DO THE FISH

DO THE FISH means: Do the fish is slang for to suffer blackouts, seizures, convulsions or other side effects following inhaling nitrous oxide.

Meaning of batty

batty means: a large catch of codfish ready to be thrown up to the stage head from the boat would be called “a fine batty of fish.” It suggests derivation from the French fisherman whose fishing boat was a “bateau”. “A fin putt of fish,” having a similar meaning referred to the fish when it was thrown up ready to go on the splitting table. A sum of money

Meaning of Fish Hook

Fish Hook means: Book. I've read the new fish by Deighton.

Meaning of cut-throater

cut-throater means: member of the fish-cleaning crew who cut the throat of the cod fish and slits the belly open from the gills to vent in preparation for heading, splitting and salting.

Meaning of BIT OF FISH

BIT OF FISH means: Bit of fish is British slang for the vagina.

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Meaning of PECKER

PECKER means: Pecker is British slang for spirits. Pecker is British slang for the nose.Pecker is American and Canadian slang for the penis.


RIP VAN WINKLE means: Rip Van Winkle is London Cockney rhyming slang for urination (tinkle).

Meaning of sorted (!)

sorted (!) means: Exclam. An approving exclamation, brilliant, excellent. Adj. An all purpose expression of satisfaction, contentment. Commonly used to denote having the required or desired drugs. E.g."I've just been into town and got sorted for tonight's party."

Meaning of sperm bandit

sperm bandit means: Noun. A woman who has sex with a man with the ulterior motive of getting pregnant.

Meaning of screw

screw means: to have sex

Meaning of lollygagger

lollygagger means: Laxy person. Someone who wanders around aimlessly.

Meaning of Bloodhound in the hay

Bloodhound in the hay means: Hot dog with sauerkraut

Meaning of Nizzel

Nizzel means: (NI-zul) n.,  Friend, brother, family.  “You’re my main nizzel.”  [Etym., African American]

Meaning of huffy

huffy means: Arrogant, rude. She is a hottie but they say she is a hoodrat, so I avoid her.

Meaning of THAODS

Meaning of AUCEUSS

Meaning of UONGOOTS

Meaning of UTYUJEUGL

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