Slang pair means

pair means: Noun. A euphemism for a woman's breasts.

What is the slang definition/meaning of pair ?

pair means: Noun. A euphemism for a woman's breasts.

Meaning of pair slang

Slang: pair means: Noun. A euphemism for a woman's breasts.

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Meaning of pair of nickers/pair of knickers/pair o'nickers

pair of nickers/pair of knickers/pair o'nickers means: two pounds (£2), an irresistible pun.

Meaning of Freak Lip

Freak Lip means: A pair of kissers that wear like leather; one who can hit high C's all night and play a concert the next day.Ol' Satchmo, he had a pair of "freak lips!"


PAIR OF NICKERS means: Pair of nickers is British slang for two pounds sterling.

Meaning of QQ

QQ means: To whine or cry about something, one of the favorite pastimes of many players. It looks like a pair of crying eyes. Interchangeable with T_T, which also looks like a pair of crying eyes, but T_T is mainly used on oneself when one is sad.

Meaning of Dead Man's Hand -

Dead Man's Hand - means: A poker hand consisting of a pair of aces and a pair of eights. Traditionally, Wild Bill Hickok was holding this hand when he was shot dead by Jack McCall. Some sources dispute the hand, saying that it really contained two jacks, not aces and two eights.

Meaning of a pair of Cs

a pair of Cs means: C $100, = $200

Meaning of BAG OFF

BAG OFF means: Bag off is slang for to pair off.

Meaning of Kicks

Kicks means: Pair or shoes.

Meaning of ear-baubles

ear-baubles means: A pair of earrings.

Meaning of bracelets

bracelets means: A pair of handcuffs.

Meaning of Pair of Overalls

Pair of Overalls means: Two drinks of whiskey.

Meaning of item

item means: a couple, a pair of lovers

Meaning of AFPOE

AFPOE means: A Fresh Pair Of Eyes


PAIR OF PLIERS means: Conductor's punch

Meaning of Early Doors

Early Doors means: Drawers (Pair Of)

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LAND OF THE RISING HAGIS means: Land of the rising hagis is British slang for Scotland.

Meaning of WIND−WANKER

WIND−WANKER means: Wind−wanker is British surfing slang for a wind surfer.

Meaning of dyke

dyke means: Noun. A lesbian. Previously used as a derogatory expression but now used and accepted within the lesbian and gay scene. Compare with 'bull dyke' and 'diesel dyke'.

Meaning of TQM

TQM means: Total Quality Management

Meaning of spoggy

spoggy means: Chewing gum.

Meaning of MSG

MSG means: Message

Meaning of Barkers

Barkers means:   (Barking Irons) Guns. Pistols, esp. Revolvers.

Meaning of Bit Faker

Bit Faker means:   A coiner.  A counterfeiter of coins.

Meaning of SHAOLR

Meaning of THIOCKY

Meaning of IYDEUPEY

Meaning of PTIIDIYTO

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