Slang play the skin flute means

play the skin flute means: Vrb phrs. To perform fellatio.

What is the slang definition/meaning of play the skin flute?

play the skin flute means: Vrb phrs. To perform fellatio.

Meaning of play the skin flute slang

Slang: play the skin flute means: Vrb phrs. To perform fellatio.

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Slangs, sentences and phrases like play the skin flute

Meaning of flute

flute means: Eighteeth-century expressions for penis. [Do you play the skin flute?].

Meaning of skin flute

skin flute means: The penis, the male copulatory organ of reproduction and urine elimination, [I sure loved the way Darrell played the skin flute.].

Meaning of skin flute

skin flute means: Penis. "My girl has the painters in so she played my skin flute for me last night." (i.e. gave him a blow job... i.e. did oral sex!)

Meaning of play the skin flute

play the skin flute means: Vrb phrs. To perform fellatio.

Meaning of skin flute

skin flute means: Noun. The penis.

Meaning of blue movie skin flute

blue movie skin flute means: The penis.

Meaning of playing the skin flute

playing the skin flute means: To perform fellatio.

Meaning of band-member

band-member means: Penis, the male copulatory organ of reproduction and urine elimination [from "skin flute"].

Meaning of SKIN

SKIN means: Skin is slang for a skinhead.Skin is slang for a cigarette paper used for rolling a cannabis cigarette.Skin is slang for to strip of money or property; to cheat. (See also fleece).Skin is slang for a purse or wallet.Skin is slang for to rob, defraud.Skin is slang for beat or overcome completely.Skin is slang for a condom.Skin is American slang for a dollar.

Meaning of Tin Flute

Tin Flute means: Suit. I'll be wearing me tin flute


PICCOLO AND FLUTE means: Piccolo and flute is London Cockney rhyming slang for suit.

Meaning of skin

skin means: Noun. 1. A skinhead. 2. A sister. See 'skin and blister'Verb. To roll up a cannabis/marijuana cigarette. Abb. of 'skin up'.

Meaning of who-wants-to-play

who-wants-to-play means: A small group of people would decide upon a certain game, but realise that they didn't have a large enough group to play it. Someone would say 'Shall we do Who-wants-to-play?' and we would link arms, and march self-importantly around the playground chanting 'Who-wants-to-play (pause) Brit-ish-Bull-dog?' (or whatever). The idea was that whoever else wanted to play would link arms with one end of the row and join in the chanting and walking around, until enough players were recruited. Of course, the usual outcome was that you would spend the whole of playtime recruiting players, and have no time for the actual game at all. We would often be rather selective about who we actually wanted to play with us, so would add various disclaimers at the end of the chant - 'Who-wants-to-play... Char-lies Ang-els... on-ly girls... from Mrs Hopkin's class... ov-er six... and no pik-eys...'

Meaning of get under your skin

get under your skin means: To annoy, bother, annoy. If you play him one-on-one, you're going to get schooled!

Meaning of skin head

skin head means: Person with a shaven head (bovver boy look) normally wearing ox blood Doc Martin boots (air wear, 18 holes) bleached jeans and Ben Sherman shirts and red braces. A taunt used towards skin heads went as follows: Hey you skin head over there Whats it like to have no hair Is it hot or is it cold Whats it like to be bald.

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Meaning of bum bandit

bum bandit means: Noun. A homosexual male. Derog. Cf 'arse bandit'.

Meaning of whack

whack means: Verb. 1. To promptly insert or place (something). E.g."Whack the contract in an envelope and send it off first post." 2. Hit or strike. {Informal}Noun. 1. A hard blow. {Informal} 2. When in the expressions 'full whack' or 'top whack', meaning maximum price or rate. {Informal}

Meaning of Jap's Eye

Jap's Eye means: Male urethral opening

Meaning of CRAWS

CRAWS means: Can't Remember Anything Worth A Sh**

Meaning of gnarly

gnarly means: Excellent, outstanding. She does a really gnarly job at computer programming.

Meaning of crappola

crappola means: Bad, of poor quality. That flick was totally crappapella.

Meaning of thing

thing means: Problem. What is your thing, man; I'm into crocheting.

Meaning of Burn the breeze  –

Burn the breeze  – means: ride at full speed.

Meaning of VYROAF

Meaning of GYUMEGI

Meaning of IYRSULSY

Meaning of BOOGUEJEY

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