Slang rusty bullet hole means

rusty bullet hole means: Noun. The anus.

What is the slang definition/meaning of rusty bullet hole?

rusty bullet hole means: Noun. The anus.

Meaning of rusty bullet hole slang

Slang: rusty bullet hole means: Noun. The anus.

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Meaning of rusty bullet hole

rusty bullet hole means: Noun. The anus.

Meaning of HOLE IN ONE

HOLE IN ONE means: Hole in one is slang for a bullet wound through the mouth or rectum.

Meaning of BULLET

BULLET means: Bullet is slang for amyl nitrate (or any associated inhalant drug). Bullet is British slang for a playing card with one pip.Bullet is British slang for dismissal, sometimes without notice.

Meaning of Bite the bullet

Bite the bullet means: To bravely face up to something unpleasant, one is said to "bite the bullet". This originated from the practice of giving sailors and soldiers a bullet to bite during amputations or other surgery before the use of anesthetics.

Meaning of HOLE

HOLE means: Hole is slang for the anus. Hole is slang for the vagina. Hole is slang for the mouth.Hole is slang for a one−person cell, solitary confinement. Hole is slang for a difficult and embarrassing situation.

Meaning of Clasp

Clasp means: A clasp, also known as a bar, is added to the Canadian Forces Decoration (CD) for every 10 years of subsequent good service. It is indicated on the undress ribbon bar by a rosette, sometimes called a "pip" or a "bullet hole".

Meaning of Bullet Hole

Bullet Hole means: Slang term for the rosette worn on the Canadian Forces Decoration undress ribbon. Each rosette represents an additional ten years of undetected crime.

Meaning of dodge the bullet

dodge the bullet means: To luckily avoid misfortune. When the draft was around, I dodged the bullet because I was flat-footed and my dad was the mayor.

Meaning of cutting a rusty

cutting a rusty means: Describe the result of a small child making a mess in their nappy (diaper) and smelling up the whole room. Used as "Dang Lurlene - it stinks in here, That young'un must have cut a rusty!". Originated 'down south' and used by women and men in trailer parks all over.

Meaning of RUSTY DUSTY

RUSTY DUSTY means: Rusty dusty is Black−American slang for the buttocks

Meaning of Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet means: Male Virgin. It was really funny when Coors beer came out with their advertisement slogan, "Go get a Silver Bullet tonight". Went right past the adults and censors.

Meaning of bung hole

bung hole means: Anus. Used on "Beavis and Butthead" cartoon, when Beavis drinks coffee he becomes Corn-holio, he says "I need TP for my bung hole." Bung hole is slang for butt hole.

Meaning of Rusty Gate

Rusty Gate means: Someone who can't play.That cat swings like a rusty gate.

Meaning of glory hole

glory hole means: A hole carved or drilled in the partitions of two toilet stalls in a men's room; through which the penis may be put for oral sexual or voyeurism, by homosexual males. [In the good old days, I would go to the glory hole, but with the comming of of AIDS I stoped going.].

Meaning of cake-hole

cake-hole means: Noun. The mouth. E.g."Shut your cake-hole and get on with your work." Cf. 'pie-hole'.

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Meaning of jiggy

jiggy means: Jittery, fidgety. Sit still and don't be so jiggy.

Meaning of East And West

East And West means: Vest

Meaning of Kriffing

Kriffing means: This was an expletive. When Beck Ollet described a referee as being "crooked as a kriffing Hutt," he was ordered off the grav-ball field with the threat of suspension otherwise.

Meaning of Twig

Twig means: Observe, understand.

Meaning of scrubby

scrubby means: Dirty, grimy. We decided to scrub the trip when we saw the weather report.

Meaning of muck up

muck up means: to ruin something, or do it very badly

Meaning of ZUISTO

Meaning of IANGYUF

Meaning of XYOLYLAE

Meaning of STIECYUPT

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