Slang sound means

sound means: Adj. O.K., wonderful, similar to 'sorted.'

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sound means: Adj. O.K., wonderful, similar to 'sorted.'

Meaning of sound slang

Slang: sound means: Adj. O.K., wonderful, similar to 'sorted.'

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Meaning of SOUND

SOUND means: Sound is slang for O.K., wonderful.Sound is slang for music, especially rock, jazz, or pop.

Meaning of Transient

Transient means: An unintentional sound emitted from a submarine. When heard on sonar it is usually a surprise, especially it the sound source is extremely close in to your own ship.

Meaning of SOUND ON

SOUND ON means: Sound on is American slang for taunt, criticise.

Meaning of Sonar

Sonar means: An acronym for SOund Navigation And Ranging, a method of using sound pulses to detect, range, and sometimes image underwater targets and obstacles or the bed of the sea.

Meaning of bling bling

bling bling means: Noun. 1. Jewellery. There's been much speculation as to its origins, including amongst those suggestions put forward are the following: · From either the sound of jewellery knocking against jewellery. · The sound of cash registers when a sale is made. · The written sound in cartoons when light catches and reflects off jewellery. What does appear to be acknowledged is that the expression was popularized by U.S. rapper B.G. (aka Baby Gangsta) in 1999. [Orig. Black U.S.] 2. Obvious and appealing wealth, by extension of meaning 1.

Meaning of DUB PLATE

DUB PLATE means: A pre-release copy of a record, often produced exclusively for a specific sound system (see "sound system").

Meaning of Sound As A Pound

Sound As A Pound means: very good, can also be longer "Sound as a pound up a tree top tall etc" still used today in parts of the midlands


SAFE AND SOUND means: Safe and sound is London Cockney rhyming slang for ground.

Meaning of Echo Sounder

Echo Sounder means: An electrical depth sounder or fish finder that uses sound echoes to locate the depth of objects in water. It does so by timing the sound pulses.

Meaning of Cockney

Cockney means: n person from the East End of London. Strictly speaking, someone “born within the sound of the bells of Bow Church.” A more modern definition might be “born within the sound of a racist beating,” “born in the back of a stolen Mercedes” or perhaps “born within the range of a Glock semi-automatic.” Cockneys have a distinctive accent, which other Brits are all convinced that they can mimic after a few pints.

Meaning of HDGFS

HDGFS means: How Does Get F***ed Sound?

Meaning of Sid

Sid means: a play on the s-d sound of LSD

Meaning of brown sound

brown sound means: Fart

Meaning of oi!

oi! means: a sound used to attract someone's attention, like "hey!"

Meaning of SU-SU

SU-SU means: gossip, the sound of wispering.

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Meaning of HALF STAMP

HALF STAMP means: Half stamp is London Cockney rhyming slang for a tramp.

Meaning of LOW LIGHT JOB

LOW LIGHT JOB means: Low light job is British slang for a need to go to the toilet.

Meaning of Kiwi

Kiwi means: New Zealander

Meaning of step

step means: To back away, back off. You better step before you get in trouble!

Meaning of East And West

East And West means: Vest

Meaning of ELEPHANT

ELEPHANT means: marijuana

Meaning of LOVER’S SPEED


Meaning of AYSHUH

Meaning of RUIZEID

Meaning of XAISTYUN

Meaning of GREOPSAYD

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