Slang spoof means

spoof means: Noun. Semen.

What is the slang definition/meaning of spoof?

spoof means: Noun. Semen.

Meaning of spoof slang

Slang: spoof means: Noun. Semen.

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Meaning of SPOOF

SPOOF means: Spoof is computer hacking slang for forge.

Meaning of spoof

spoof means: semen ‘Look, he’s got spoof stains all over his dacks.’

Meaning of spoof

spoof means: Noun. Semen.

Meaning of spoof tube

spoof tube means: An empty paper towel roll stuffed with fabric softener sheets Used to exhale smoke into when smoking marajuana because it covers the smell.

Meaning of Spoof

Spoof means: Voice imitative deception. Occurs when the enemy attempts to pretend they are a friendly voice on a voice radio circuit.

Meaning of spoof

spoof means: (1) Lying, winding up, bullshitting, As used at Ashcroft High School, Luton, Bedfordshire, from before I arrived in my 2nd year in 1980. By that time all the kids had already got to know each other and more importantly were LOCAL to each other. I was a total newcomer, and green as grass from my village existence. You can guess the rest... (contribution added verbatim (g)) (2) Ejaculate, semen (ed: or as the contributor put it "The white stuff that comes out of your penis when it ejaculates.".

Meaning of nonce

nonce means: n child-molester. The term may originate from when sex offenders were admitted as “non-specified offenders” (thereby “non-specified” and thence “nonce”) in the hope that they might not get the harsh treatment metered out to such convicts. It may also stand for “Not On Normal Courtyard Exercise” (meaning prisoners intended to keep separate from the rest). Either way, it featured prominently in the fine “Brasseye” spoof TV news programme where popular celebrities were duped into wearing T-shirts advocating “nonce-sense.”

Meaning of wasabie, wassup

wasabie, wassup means: Used for saying "Hello" or "What's up?" wassup, b? What's up brother, brotha, bro, b- used as in informal greeting amongst friends. The term 'wasabie' as previously entred was mistaken for 'wassup, b?' ie what's up, brother- bro- b; that was popularised by the Budweiser beer commercials here in the US in which the characters greet each other with the phrase: 'waaassssssuuuuuuuup!!!!' back and forth on phones/intercoms. In one of the commercials, one of the characters is having dinner with his girl at a Japanese restaurant. They are brought their meals which included wasabi. The character chuckles when the japanese waiter says wasabi. So he says wassup, b. The waiter says wasabi and the back and forth and next thing you know, he has gotten every waiter/staff yelling wasssssuuuup, b/wasssssaaaaaabi!!!! Order is then restored when his girlfriend slaps her hand on the table. They are now classic commercials. There were a couple of independent take offs on these commercials that used old grannies, the "Superfriends" cartoons, and New York Jewish businessmen and Rabbis where 'wassup' was changed to "shalom" and the product was "whitefish" instead of Budweiser. Budweiser also came out with other incarnations where Yuppies drinking imports were used and one with a mafia flavour where the greeting went from wassup to "how ya doin" with heavy NYC accent. The Bud commercials can be see on the net at and the Shalom spoof was on (ed: and I just thought wasabi was a really hot Japanese dressing!) On this point, we received the following: Your online slang dictionary contains an entry for "Wasabi" and lists it as meaning "hello". It also properly mentions that Wasabi is a hot horseradish sauce. I believe that the usage of Wasabi as "Hello" comes from a series of American Budweiser Beer TV commercials It started with a group of men sitting around answering the phone yelling "WAAAAAAAZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" which is a wide open mouthed tongue sticking out way of saying "What's up". In the next commercial, one of the guys from the first one is out with his girlfriend at a sushi restaurant. The waiter brings them their wasabi sauce with their sushi, and the guy starts playing with the word, similar to the "Waaaaaazaaaaaaaaaaaa" from the first commencial. "Wasabi" (chuckle) "Wasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabi" Eventually everyone in the restaurant is yelling "Wasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabi" before the guys girlfriend scolds him and they all stop. So, "Wasabi" = "wazaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" = "What's up" (ed: which seems to sum that up pretty effectively - I think!)

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Meaning of DRY ROOT

DRY ROOT means: Dry root is Australian slang for a sexual activity in which two consenting partners stimulate each other in simulated intercourse while the genitals are covered.

Meaning of cocker

cocker means: Noun. A friendly form of address, usually to a male. Also 'old cocker'.

Meaning of wank spanners

wank spanners means: Noun. The hands. From being tools used for masturbation.

Meaning of KTown

KTown means: An abbreviation for the city Kingston ON. Other cities starting with K copied it.

Meaning of Technicolor Yawn

Technicolor Yawn means: Vomit, Spit-up

Meaning of giggle-water

giggle-water means: Liquor or other alcoholic beverage. He poured me a glass of some kind of giggle water and that's the last thing I remember.

Meaning of 'like'

'like' means: Beginning every sentence with "like". "Like we went to the mall and like I saw him looking at me."

Meaning of Shack

Shack means: A vagabond, a low fellow. "He's a poor shack of a fellow.”

Meaning of barvel

barvel means: leather, canvas or oilskin apron worn by fishermen and women while cleaning fish at the stage.

Meaning of bung

bung means: money in the form of a bribe, from the early English meaning of pocket and purse, and pick-pocket, according to Cassells derived from Frisian (North Netherlands) pung, meaning purse. Bung is also a verb, meaning to bribe someone by giving cash.

Meaning of AILRIS

Meaning of OAMPACK

Meaning of GOAMIILE

Meaning of UIGLAINAI

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