Slang tommy sauce means

tommy sauce means: Noun. Tomato ketchup.

What is the slang definition/meaning of tommy sauce?

tommy sauce means: Noun. Tomato ketchup.

Meaning of tommy sauce slang

Slang: tommy sauce means: Noun. Tomato ketchup.

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Meaning of tommy sauce

tommy sauce means: Noun. Tomato ketchup.

Meaning of TOMMY

TOMMY means: Tommy is an affectionate slang term for the British private soldier. It derives from Tommy Atkins, which was a name heading a specimen form sent out from the War Office.Tommy is old British slang for bread.

Meaning of brown sauce

brown sauce means: n Steak sauce. A mysterious thick brown sort of savoury sauce. Popularly added to burgers, chips and other pub-type food, brown sauce is more than ketchup and less chunky than the American “relish”. I believe it contains vinegar. And probably some other stuff. Also it is brown.

Meaning of rocking horse *

rocking horse * means: Noun. 1. Sauce as in ketchup, the condiment. 2. Sauce as in cheek, impudence. * Rhyming slang on sauce.

Meaning of SAUCE

SAUCE means: Sauce is slang for impudence. Sauce is slang for alcohol.Sauce is slang for a narcotic drug. Sauce is British slang for to have sex.

Meaning of TOMMY DODD

TOMMY DODD means: Tommy DoddGod.Tommy Dodd is London Cockney rhyming slang for odd, peculiar.

Meaning of tomato sauce

tomato sauce means: n tomato ketchup. In the U.K. these two terms are interchangeable although “tomato ketchup” is in more common use, as tomato sauce could equally easily refer to the pasta-type sauce in a jar or can.

Meaning of tommy-rot

tommy-rot means: Noun. Nonsense, rubbish. E.g."Don't believe a thing he says, he's talking absolute tommy-rot!"

Meaning of Tommy Tank

Tommy Tank means: Wank (masturbate). She's probably at home doing a tommy.

Meaning of Tommy Tank

Tommy Tank means: Bank. I'm going 'round the tommy to pay in a gooses.

Meaning of sauce

sauce means: Noun. Alcoholic drink. E.g."He's going to feel bad in the morning, after 12 hours on the sauce."

Meaning of APPLE SAUCE

APPLE SAUCE means: Apple sauce is British rhyming slang for a horse, particularly a last finishing race horse that 'ran like a pig'.. Apple sauce is American and Canadian slang for nonsense; rubbish.

Meaning of NUOC MAM

NUOC MAM means: fermented fish sauce, called "armpit sauce" by many.

Meaning of Tommy Tucker

Tommy Tucker means: Supper. You can sing for your Tommy.

Meaning of leave holding the bag

leave holding the bag means: To be made a scapegoat. Fritzy wouldn't pay Tommy Gunn the $100 he owed him, so Tommy brought a couple of his friends to lean on Fritzy a little.

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Meaning of HONKERS

HONKERS means: Honkers is British slang for Hong Kong.

Meaning of ISLE OF MAN

ISLE OF MAN means: Isle of Man is London Cockney rhyming slang for pan.

Meaning of PONCE

PONCE means: Ponce is British slang for a pimp.Ponce is British slang for an ostentatious, effeminate male.Ponce is British slang for an idler.Ponce is British slang for to take advantage of, to borrow.

Meaning of NTYMI

NTYMI means: Now That You Mention It

Meaning of Going Postal

Going Postal means: 1) Excl. Going crazy. Refers to the trend of some postal workers becoming violent.

Meaning of chief

chief means: A big shot. We were going to do some bungee jumping but my mom chickened out.

Meaning of IUCHAI

Meaning of UETHEYH

Meaning of EABUISIH

Meaning of EALTOEPHE

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