Slang Long Dong Sliver means

Long Dong Sliver means: a porno star

What is the slang definition/meaning of Long Dong Sliver?

Long Dong Sliver means: a porno star

Meaning of Long Dong Sliver slang

Slang: Long Dong Sliver means: a porno star

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Meaning of Long Dong Sliver

Long Dong Sliver means: a porno star

Meaning of Long Dong Sliver

Long Dong Sliver means: a porno star

Meaning of DING DONG

DING DONG means: Ding dong is London Cockney rhyming slang for song. Ding dong is British slang for an argument,.a fight.

Meaning of Dong

Dong means: Hit or Strike. e.g. "If he doesn't shut up I will dong him"

Meaning of Ding Dong

Ding Dong means: Song. Everyone gather round the piano for a ding dong. Usually the full slang expression is used

Meaning of DONG

DONG means: Dong is slang for the penis. Dong is slang for to hit.


DING DONG BELL means: Ding dong bell is London Cockney rhyming slang for hell.

Meaning of To Let Sliver

To Let Sliver means: To let slip, let fly.

Meaning of shim

shim means: a wooden sliver for peeling rinds off trees

Meaning of a largo plazo

a largo plazo means: in the long run; long-term; in the long term. (lit.: at long place)

Meaning of dong

dong means: n A penis.

Meaning of dong

dong means: A penis.

Meaning of long-tailed 'un/long-tailed finnip

long-tailed 'un/long-tailed finnip means: high value note, from the 1800s and in use to the late 1900s. Earlier 'long-tailed finnip' meant more specifically ten pounds, since a finnip was five pounds (see fin/finny/finnip) from Yiddish funf meaning five. There seems no explanation for long-tailed other than being a reference to extended or larger value.

Meaning of dong

dong means: Noun. A penis.

Meaning of ding-dong

ding-dong means: The penis.

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PEPPERMINT ROCKS means: Peppermint rocks is London Cockney rhyming slang for socks.

Meaning of STAKEY

STAKEY means: Stakey is Canadian slang for well provided with money.

Meaning of blowing through

blowing through means: in a hurry, not staying ¬

Meaning of troo

troo means: true

Meaning of WAK

WAK means: What A Kiss

Meaning of cuz

cuz means: a title for a friend or family member.  "Michael is my cuz."  2. a gang term for Crips  "Whut up cuz?" 

Meaning of cack-handed

cack-handed means: clumsy; ineptly executed. Likely derived from a time when the left hand was used for cleaning one’s posterior after movements, and the right hand reserved for anything else. Therefore anything executed with the left hand is perhaps sub-standard. Almost all scatological etymologies are historically false, but they’re more amusing than the polite ones. The sad truth of life is that more of our language derived from the Viking term for “baking tray” than some sort of acronym which spelled “FUCK.”

Meaning of dass

dass means: Pomo word for man-woman, homosexual [his body is a man but his spirit is a woman.].

Meaning of Zeppelins in a fog

Zeppelins in a fog means: Sausages and mashed potatoes

Meaning of ZEUWHI

Meaning of RYETUOM

Meaning of EUMPUOKR

Meaning of WOAGROUST

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