ALDERSHOT LADIES means: Aldershot ladies is British bingo slang for the number .

What is the slang definition/meaning of ALDERSHOT LADIES?

ALDERSHOT LADIES means: Aldershot ladies is British bingo slang for the number .

Meaning of ALDERSHOT LADIES slang

Slang: ALDERSHOT LADIES means: Aldershot ladies is British bingo slang for the number .

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ALDERSHOT LADIES means: Aldershot ladies is British bingo slang for the number .


ALDERSHOT WHORE means: Aldershot whore is British rhyming slang for four.


TWO FAT LADIES means: Two fat ladies is bingo slang for the number eighty−eight.


LADIES AND GENTS means: Ladies and gents is London Cockney rhyming slang for common sense.

Meaning of lavender marriage

lavender marriage means: A marriage of convenience, male and female marriage usually pair men who like men with ladies who like ladies, they marry for mutual benefit. [Charles Laughton the gay star had a Lavender marriage with actress Elsa Lanchester in 1929, Charles had his male lovers and Elsa had her men lovers too.]

Meaning of Juicer

Juicer means: a ladies' man

Meaning of Ladies of the Line

Ladies of the Line means: Prostitutes.

Meaning of PINK LADIES

PINK LADIES means: barbiturates

Meaning of pink ladies

pink ladies means: Depressants

Meaning of Two Fat Ladies

Two Fat Ladies means: Scoring 88 points in a throw

Meaning of RAM GOAT

RAM GOAT means: slang for someone who deals with nuff ladies

Meaning of Blue Stocking

Blue Stocking means: An epithet applied to literary ladies.

Meaning of pill ladies

pill ladies means: Female senior citizens who sell OxyContin

Meaning of Box Herder

Box Herder means: The person in charge of the "girls" at a brothel or saloon. Their job was to keep the "ladies" in line.

Meaning of slash

slash means: v have a- urinate. Its usage is more appropriate to punters in the pub than middle-aged ladies at a Tupperware party.

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Meaning of FOOL−FOOL

FOOL−FOOL means: Fool−fool is Jamaican slang for dim witted, uneducated, stupid.


LEMON SQUASH means: Lemon squash is London Cockney rhyming slang for wash.

Meaning of WAXY

WAXY means: Waxy is British slang for bad−tempered or irritable; angry.

Meaning of shoot off

shoot off means: Verb. To leave quickly, to hurriedly go. E.g."I'm just going to shoot off down to the post office before it closes."

Meaning of skint

skint means: broke

Meaning of Frog

Frog means: Frightened

Meaning of Papers

Papers means: Someone who is on parole or on probation  "I don't smoke weed- I'm on papers. " 

Meaning of cheeky-sweat

cheeky-sweat means: A reprimand, e.g. if someone grabbed half the bag of crisps when offered one, you would shout "get off, yer cheeky sweat!!!". Came into popular use around 80/81 when contributor was in second year juniors. It lasted the test of time as well, seeing as it was used well into high school and compared favorably with the words and phrases learnt later on.

Meaning of dime, dyme, dimepiece

dime, dyme, dimepiece means: Woman considered to be bautiful. Pos. corrupt. of 'dame'.

Meaning of Fish Hook

Fish Hook means: Book. I've read the new fish by Deighton.

Meaning of KOAGRO

Meaning of AERIICK

Meaning of UINGIUST

Meaning of GYINEIVUO

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