Slang BUG WALK means

BUG WALK means: Bug walk is British slang for a parting of the hair.

What is the slang definition/meaning of BUG WALK?

BUG WALK means: Bug walk is British slang for a parting of the hair.

Meaning of BUG WALK slang

Slang: BUG WALK means: Bug walk is British slang for a parting of the hair.

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Meaning of rodney walk

rodney walk means: Employed by 'aroused males' trying to walk with a massive erection and not getting noticed. Led to the stealing of the road sign from 'Rodney Walk'.

Meaning of WALK

WALK means: Walk is slang for to go free.Walk is slang for to escape, to disappear.

Meaning of BUG WALK

BUG WALK means: Bug walk is British slang for a parting of the hair.

Meaning of Drop a Clanger

Drop a Clanger means: To walk, especially walk slowly

Meaning of Walk The Chalk

Walk The Chalk means: Walk straight.


LAMBETH WALK means: Lambeth walk is London Cockney rhyming slang for billiard chalk.

Meaning of Walk the plank

Walk the plank means: To be forced, as by pirates, to walk off a plank extended over the side of a ship so as to drown.

Meaning of Walk Back

Walk Back means: To pay out by keeping the line in hand and walking towards the direction of the strain. eg. "Walk back the Jackstay" means to loosen the jackstay by walking forward.

Meaning of red river

red river means: Amusement in which you tell your victim a story, and walk your fingers up his lower arm in the process, according to events in the story. You also rub, nip, punch, etc. his arm when events require it, and it ends up red. e.g. A boy goes to the zoo with his dad (walk fingers up arm twice). He says, "Dad, can I take a hippopotamus home?" No! Yes! No! Yes! (Stab inside of elbow for each word) So he brings the hippopotamus home (rub hand down arm) Repeat with going to the seaside, taking a crab home, and nipping instead of rubbing for the last line. Then repeat with anything your imagination can conjure up, until the victim's arm is sufficiently red or you get fed up.

Meaning of SEA HUTS

SEA HUTS means: Southeast Asia huts. Standard-designed buildings of corrigated tin roofs; walls of horizontal-louvered boards four feet up from the bottom, and screen from the bottom to the roof inside; some were on concrete pads and some were on blocks; some had sandbags around them about 30 inches from the wall and waist high; you could walk inside the sandbags from door to door; wooden walkways between buildings so you didn't have to walk in mud; a few sandbags were place on the roofs to keep them from blowing away in a hurricane.

Meaning of HOOF IT

HOOF IT means: Hoof it is slang for to walk.Hoof it is slang for to leave, or walk away.Hoof it is slang for to dance.

Meaning of Late walk

Late walk means: A take-out order

Meaning of Let it walk

Let it walk means: Make it a take-out order

Meaning of Go for a walk

Go for a walk means: Make it a take-out order

Meaning of steeve

steeve means: to walk softly

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DARLING DAUGHTER means: Darling daughter is London Cockney rhyming slang for water.

Meaning of DAY−GLO

DAY−GLO means: Day−glo is slang for gaudy.

Meaning of DOG'S DINNER

DOG'S DINNER means: Dog's dinner is slang for an extravagant display. Dog's dinner is slang for a mess, a confused mixture.

Meaning of JELLIED EEL

JELLIED EEL means: Jellied eel is London Cockney rhyming slang for wheel.

Meaning of NIK NIK

NIK NIK means: Nik nik is slang for police.Nik nik is Moroccan slang for sexual intercourse.

Meaning of NOMMUS

NOMMUS means: Nommus was the century British criminal slang for someone.

Meaning of chicken out

chicken out means: Afraid to complete one's task or fulfill one's obligation. [Eric you aren't going to chicken out again on making love are you?].

Meaning of Cute as a bug's ear

Cute as a bug's ear means: Very cute

Meaning of WIYVUO

Meaning of IEZIOSS

Meaning of ZOIGRUEH

Meaning of UIGHOOTAH

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