Slang booze bus means

booze bus means: police van used for random breath testing

What is the slang definition/meaning of booze bus?

booze bus means: police van used for random breath testing

Meaning of booze bus slang

Slang: booze bus means: police van used for random breath testing

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Meaning of booze

booze means: Liquor or other alcoholic beverage. I promised to bring two bottles of booze to the party.

Meaning of booze

booze means: alcoholic drink ‘I had a belly full of booze.’

Meaning of BOOZE

BOOZE means: Booze is slang for alcohol.


BOTTLES OF BOOZE means: Bottles of booze is London Cockney rhyming slang for shoes.

Meaning of bonza

bonza means: Means 'cool' or 'excellent'. for example, if someone manages to raid their parent's stash of booze and turn up at a party with a few bottles of booze then they mght say 'bonza mate!'. (ed: I think this should be marked 'archaic' now. I've been in Oz 10 years and never heard anyone say it yet.)

Meaning of booze

booze means: alcohol

Meaning of booze

booze means: alcohol

Meaning of Booze coupons

Booze coupons means: Money.

Meaning of booze

booze means: alcohol, liquor

Meaning of Booze

Booze means: Tramp, homeless person

Meaning of River Ouse

River Ouse means: Booze (Alcohol)

Meaning of Bug Juice

Bug Juice means: Booze, firewater, whiskey.

Meaning of Booze Cruise

Booze Cruise means: Alcoholic drink.

Meaning of booze-up

booze-up means: Noun. A drinking spree.

Meaning of turps

turps means: strong alcohol; booze; turpentine

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Meaning of ARMY ROCKS

ARMY ROCKS means: Army rocks is British rhyming slang for socks.

Meaning of BACK GARDEN

BACK GARDEN means: Back garden is slang for the anus.

Meaning of BLIGHTY

BLIGHTY means: Blighty is British slang for Britain.

Meaning of HAIRCUT

HAIRCUT means: Haircut is British slang for a short prisn sentence.Haircut is Black−American slang for to be robbed or cheated; to be abused in some way by a woman

Meaning of walkover

walkover means: something is done easily, an easy defeat

Meaning of LLAB

LLAB means: Amazing or awesome.

Meaning of crush

crush means: An infatuation. She has a crush on her teacher and spends all day studying biology.

Meaning of hot

hot means: Sexy, attractive. That girl is hot!

Meaning of shift

shift means: To kiss. Note: rural Ireland only *not* Dublin. In Dublin the equivalent would be to 'get off with' someone).

Meaning of the boondocks

the boondocks means: Way out in the country. The little twerp gives you the bird if anything displeases him.

Meaning of IENSIE

Meaning of FAIWOOM

Meaning of YIRSIALS

Meaning of YUMTYOMTI

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