Slang booze bus means

booze bus means: police van used for random breath testing

What is the slang definition/meaning of booze bus?

booze bus means: police van used for random breath testing

Meaning of booze bus slang

Slang: booze bus means: police van used for random breath testing

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Meaning of booze

booze means: Liquor or other alcoholic beverage. I promised to bring two bottles of booze to the party.

Meaning of booze

booze means: alcoholic drink ‘I had a belly full of booze.’

Meaning of BOOZE

BOOZE means: Booze is slang for alcohol.


BOTTLES OF BOOZE means: Bottles of booze is London Cockney rhyming slang for shoes.

Meaning of bonza

bonza means: Means 'cool' or 'excellent'. for example, if someone manages to raid their parent's stash of booze and turn up at a party with a few bottles of booze then they mght say 'bonza mate!'. (ed: I think this should be marked 'archaic' now. I've been in Oz 10 years and never heard anyone say it yet.)

Meaning of booze

booze means: alcohol

Meaning of booze

booze means: alcohol

Meaning of Booze coupons

Booze coupons means: Money.

Meaning of booze

booze means: alcohol, liquor

Meaning of Booze

Booze means: Tramp, homeless person

Meaning of River Ouse

River Ouse means: Booze (Alcohol)

Meaning of Bug Juice

Bug Juice means: Booze, firewater, whiskey.

Meaning of Booze Cruise

Booze Cruise means: Alcoholic drink.

Meaning of booze-up

booze-up means: Noun. A drinking spree.

Meaning of turps

turps means: strong alcohol; booze; turpentine

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Meaning of FEED THE FISH

FEED THE FISH means: Feed the fish is American slang for to vomit.

Meaning of Yuck!

Yuck! means: An interjection of disgust. Yuck! How could you pick your nose in a restaurant!

Meaning of smoked out

smoked out means: adv. to be high from smoking an excessive amount of weed.  "If we are smoked-out, then hip hop is going to be ‘smoked-out’. ~Mos Deff quote from the album Black on Both Sides."  Lyrical reference: THREE 6 MAFIA - Smoked-Out  I’m smoked out snorted out drunken and blown getting crunk in that mode Twista gotta stay high smokin’ skunk till I'm old 

Meaning of Burton (gone for a ...)

Burton (gone for a ...) means: I heard a woman on PBS's face The Nation discussing slang and "The Full Monty" was discussed. As an ex-Brit I understood it to refer to the full English breakfast that General Montgomery insisted upon daily, hence The Full... However she said that it came from a suit called a Montague which has three pieces and all the bells and whistles. Never heard of such a thing. What I do know is that Montague Burton is the largest chain of tailors in the UK. At the end of WW II and beyond, people leaving the armed services were given a week's pay and a voucher to take to Burtons for a new suit. Gradually the term "Going For a Burton" became synonymous with leaving, departing, and then evolved into dying as a result of an air crash or any other type of accent. It became very common with the National Servicemen (Draftees) of the 50's and 60's. It seems to have stayed with those generations. (ed: added verbatim - well done!)

Meaning of Sand

Sand means: Sugar

Meaning of DRAG

DRAG means: Heavy train of "dead" freight; any slow freight train, as contrasted with manifest or hotshot

Meaning of greens

greens means: money, usually old-style green coloured pound notes, but actully applying to all money or cash-earnings since the slang derives from the cockney rhyming slang: 'greengages' (

Meaning of YEKSIO

Meaning of PTEOSTA

Meaning of IYSTOAGN

Meaning of EUZEEKIOD

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