Slang bush means

bush means: rural Australia ‘He’s gone bush.’

What is the slang definition/meaning of bush?

bush means: rural Australia ‘He’s gone bush.’

Meaning of bush slang

Slang: bush means: rural Australia ‘He’s gone bush.’

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Meaning of Bush walk

Bush walk means: A trail or path in the bush. 2. A lengthy excursion through the bush, undertaken by a single person or a group of individuals

Meaning of BUSH

BUSH means: Bush is slang for provincial or primitive, rural. Bush is slang for pubic hair.Bush is slang for cannabis.

Meaning of bushie or bush pig

bushie or bush pig means: Really physically unattractive - well ok ugly - girl who can only be likened to something even grosser in appearance and habit than a domestic pig. The term Bush Pig is already quite common in Australia. The bush pig is the sort of ten-pinter you might wake up with after a really heavy night on the pop.

Meaning of Scrub

Scrub means: Bush, and just about any bush outside of city limits. 2. Decline, reject, repel

Meaning of bush

bush means: n A growth of pubic hair. v. bushed, bushing, bushes adj. Bush-league; second-rate

Meaning of bush

bush means: Pubic hair. [ I was sucking him off but the bush was getting in the way.]

Meaning of GO BUSH

GO BUSH means: Go bush is Australian slang for to go native.

Meaning of Bush

Bush means: Any area away from city limits and local suburbs. Hence to "Go Bush" is to get away from populated areas and city life

Meaning of BULL AND BUSH

BULL AND BUSH means: Bull and bush is London Cockney rhyming slang for being discharged from employment (push).

Meaning of bush

bush means: rural Australia ‘He’s gone bush.’

Meaning of bush

bush means: [from the righteous bush ] marijuana

Meaning of Bush Lawyer

Bush Lawyer means: An attorney of dubious character, qualifications or ability. e.g. "Did you hear Garry lost the court case?" Yes i did, poor bugger he must have got a bush lawyer"

Meaning of Bush bashing

Bush bashing means: four wheel driving, off roading, driving where there are no roads. ( More recently this term has also started to mean critisizing the US president George W. Bush, which has become internationally popular, and for good reason.) Bushie


GOOSEBERRY BUSH means: Gooseberry bush is British slang for female pubic hair.

Meaning of BUSH LAWYER

BUSH LAWYER means: Bush lawyer is Australian slang for someone who claims to lay down the law, but has no real authority.

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Meaning of BILGE

BILGE means: Bilge is slang for rubbish, nonsense.

Meaning of caca

caca means: feces, less impolite than "shit"

Meaning of Maggot Bag

Maggot Bag means: Meat Pie

Meaning of On the tear

On the tear means: to go out drinking

Meaning of Stumpage

Stumpage means: The sum paid to owners of land for the privilege of cutting the timber growing thereon.

Meaning of Sit-upons

Sit-upons means:  Trousers.

Meaning of Melanzana

Melanzana means: Italian for "eggplant" - very dark black people have a purplish tint to their skin, so does eggplant.

Meaning of EUWHAI

Meaning of VIYNUAG

Meaning of DEMTUOST

Meaning of OYCHIUTIA

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