Slang dole means

dole means: social security benefits

What is the slang definition/meaning of dole?

dole means: social security benefits

Meaning of dole slang

Slang: dole means: social security benefits

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Meaning of dole

dole means: n welfare. An allocation of money that the government gives to unemployed people, ostensibly to help them eat and clothe themselves during their fervent search for gainful employment but really for buying fags and lager. on the dole receiving welfare: Bob’s been on the dole since his accident.

Meaning of Dole Bludger

Dole Bludger means: Someone who prefers to get a dole cheque" rather than do an honest day's work for a living

Meaning of rock'n'roll

rock'n'roll means: Noun. Social security benefits, commonly called 'dole' in U.K.. Cockney rhyming slang, see 'dole'.


DOLE BLUDGER means: Dole bludger is derogatory Australian slang for a person who draws unemployment benefit without making any attempt to find work.

Meaning of Nawpins

Nawpins means: Dole

Meaning of dole

dole means: unemployment insurance

Meaning of Rock And Roll

Rock And Roll means: Dole

Meaning of on the dole

on the dole means: social security benefits

Meaning of Ear'ole (Ear Hole)

Ear'ole (Ear Hole) means: Dole (welfare). If I get the tin tack I'm going on the ear'ole

Meaning of dole

dole means: social security benefits

Meaning of Dole

Dole means: Government provided unemployment benefit

Meaning of dole

dole means: Noun. Social security benefits. {Informal}

Meaning of Dole bludger

Dole bludger means: somebody lazy voluntarily on social security.

Meaning of dole bludger

dole bludger means: somebody taking advantage of social security

Meaning of on the dole

on the dole means: Phrs. Receiving social security benefits. {Informal}

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