Slang BUM FUCKER means

BUM FUCKER means: Bum fucker is British slang for a male homosexual.

What is the slang definition/meaning of BUM FUCKER?

BUM FUCKER means: Bum fucker is British slang for a male homosexual.

Meaning of BUM FUCKER slang

Slang: BUM FUCKER means: Bum fucker is British slang for a male homosexual.

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Meaning of BUM FUCKER

BUM FUCKER means: Bum fucker is British slang for a male homosexual.

Meaning of FUCKER

FUCKER means: Fucker is slang for a person.

Meaning of mother fucker

mother fucker means: A very gross person. This term shows intense anger of the speaker. It is often shortened to "mother", but with still the same intensity in meaning. ["John has stood me up twice. He is a real mother fucker."].

Meaning of BUG−FUCKER

BUG−FUCKER means: Bug−fucker is American slang for a man with a very small penis.

Meaning of STAR−FUCKER

STAR−FUCKER means: Star−fucker is slang for an ardent fan of a celebrity, especially a pop star.

Meaning of fuck the dog, dog fucker

fuck the dog, dog fucker means: To waste time, to avoid work. Also a dog fucker is someone who 'fucks the dog'. ie. avoids work, labour. Martin pushed the date used back from 1990 to 1983 (ed: Slack says he first heard it c.1962 and was told it was a southern(US) expression. It sounds "old" to him!).

Meaning of face fucker

face fucker means: A very attractive young gay guy who uses his looks for his own advantages. seeking physical relations with men, for money, or a place to live. 3. the one that have the sex act fellatio performed on. [I am a face fucker, so come and suck my dick.] Synonyms: fellatio

Meaning of fucker

fucker means: Noun. 1. A contemptible person. 2. A person or thing. Used loosely when perhaps the person/thing is unknown to the user, and occasionally affectionate use. 3. An annoying or disappointing occurrence. E.g."Crashing my car was a real fucker."

Meaning of MOFO

MOFO means: mother fucker

Meaning of MOFO

MOFO means: mother fucker

Meaning of DMF

DMF means: Dumb Mother Fucker,

Meaning of AMF

AMF means: literally, "Adios, Mother Fucker."

Meaning of BUF

BUF means: a B-52 aircraft (mnemonic for Big Ugly Fucker).

Meaning of enculé(e) de ta race

enculé(e) de ta race means: fucker; asshole

Meaning of bug-fucker

bug-fucker means: Someone with an unusually small penis.

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Meaning of FADE

FADE means: Fade is American slang for to leave a place, to go away. Fade is American slang for to meet or cover a bet.

Meaning of SUS LAWS

SUS LAWS means: Sus laws was British slang for the law that authorized the arrest and punishment of suspected persons frequenting, or loitering in, public places with criminal intent. In England, the sus law formed part of the Vagrancy Act of which was repealed in .

Meaning of in the know

in the know means: having inside information ‘Freddy is always in the know.’

Meaning of binnie

binnie means: Usually shouted as a class mate had to retrive any item that had been placed in the bin it infered that all of the items that person owend had come from out of the bin/skip or any other place for holding rubbish. To be called a binnie was an ultimate embarassement to the point where people would rather take detentions than pull completed homework out of the bin. Effect ruined by the twat of a teacher trying to impress the class with his young hip ways by shouting it as well.

Meaning of cross-dressing

cross-dressing means: Wearing clothes normally considered appropriate to the opposite sex.

Meaning of runaway pumpkin

runaway pumpkin means: A car that is involved in a hit-and-run.

Meaning of Up Stakes

Up Stakes means: To depart in a hurry. Same as "cut stick."

Meaning of ROBIN’S EGG

ROBIN’S EGG means: stimulant

Meaning of scurvy

scurvy means: Worthless, repulsive. The scumbag took my sister out to dinner and made her pay for the meal.

Meaning of killer

killer means: excellent, awesome, outstanding

Meaning of YISTEO

Meaning of KOUPAUT

Meaning of UYKREYDS

Meaning of ECOETAISS

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