Slang laughing gear means

laughing gear means: the mouth I

What is the slang definition/meaning of laughing gear?

laughing gear means: the mouth I

Meaning of laughing gear slang

Slang: laughing gear means: the mouth I

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Meaning of Laughing Gear

Laughing Gear means:  A metaphor for one’s mouth.“Shut your laughing gear, Reginald.”


LAUGHING GEAR means: Laughing gear is British slang for the mouth.

Meaning of Gear

Gear means: Clothes. See also Laughing Gear

Meaning of GEAR

GEAR means: Gear is slang for drugs.Gear is slang for clothes, accessories.Gear is slang for top quality merchandise.Gear is British slang for excellent, first rate.Gear is slang for stolen property.

Meaning of laughing gear

laughing gear means: the mouth I

Meaning of laughing gear

laughing gear means: Noun. The mouth.

Meaning of Laughing gear

Laughing gear means: A term applied to one's mouth. See also Gob

Meaning of DEUCE GEAR

DEUCE GEAR means: Marine term for the web gear issued to troops, named for the gear's Requisition Form 782, "Seven-Eighty-Deuce."


LAUGHING BOY means: Laughing boy is British slang for a morose, sullen or serious−looking person. Laughing boy is British slang for someone who is offensively cheerful.

Meaning of gear

gear means: Noun. Illicit drugs. E.g."Andy said he'd bring over some gear for the party, that's if he hasn't already taken it all."

Meaning of Refit

Refit means: Removal of worn or damaged gear and the fitting of new gear in replacement.

Meaning of laughing boy

laughing boy means: Noun. A sardonic nickname for a male who looks miserable. E.g."Cheer up laughing boy, it's not the end of the world."

Meaning of granny gear

granny gear means: a very low gear, say 39 x 28.  (So low your grandmother could turn it).


LAUGHING GAS means: Laughing Gas is slang for nitrous oxide.

Meaning of contra-gear

contra-gear means: The product some surfers get specifically to trade in for weed. Example: “Yo Sampson, I got some Contra-gear for you.

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FRANCE AND SPAIN means: France and Spain is London Cockney rhyming slang for rain.

Meaning of PONGOLIA

PONGOLIA means: Pongolia is Australian and New Zealand slang for Britain.

Meaning of Arseuver

Arseuver means: The back of a boat in Newfoundland. Derived from "Arse of her." E.g., "You sit in the headuvher, I'll sit in the arseuver." See also: Newfie

Meaning of basket case

basket case means: crazy person ‘What a basket case!’

Meaning of Beta

Beta means: Be Seeing You.

Meaning of FB

FB means: F*** Buddy -or- FaceBook

Meaning of clodhoppers

clodhoppers means: Heavy, coarse work shoes. Malcolm! Get your muddy clodhoppers out of my kitchen!

Meaning of cuppa

cuppa means: n cup of tea: Surely you have time for a cuppa?

Meaning of minge

minge means: 1 n lady’s front bottom. The etymology may be Romany. 2 n Pubic hair.

Meaning of UOPSUY

Meaning of JUEGLOI

Meaning of WHIIWIOW

Meaning of STUOTHIOJ

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