Slang playing possum means

playing possum means: pretending to be asleep

What is the slang definition/meaning of playing possum?

playing possum means: pretending to be asleep

Meaning of playing possum slang

Slang: playing possum means: pretending to be asleep

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Meaning of playing possum

playing possum means: pretending to be asleep

Meaning of Possum Pie

Possum Pie means: A meat pie made from possum. This is not actually eaten in Arkansas to my knowledge!


POSSUM BELLY means: Possum belly is American tramp slang for to ride on top of a passenger train


POSSUM BELLY means: Toolbox under a caboose or under some wrecking cars

Meaning of hookey (playing ...)

hookey (playing ...) means: Not going to school on a regular school day. Once thought of generally as a tool for boys wanting to go fishing, now generalized into skipping out of school for any or no reason. Today this would be marked as an "unexcused absence". Playing hookey has come to be generalized from the school world into the general working world - one can call in sick and really be playing hookey.

Meaning of G.M.

G.M. means: G.M. is role−playing game slang for game master, the person in a role−playing game who is responsible for coordinating the story, defining the game world for the players, and acting as an overall supervisor.


PLAYING THE DOZENS WITH ONE'S UNCLE'S COUSIN means: Playing the dozens with one's uncle's cousin is Black−American slang for having the wrong approach to everything.

Meaning of Broads

Broads means:   Playing cards. Ex. "Spreading the broads" = playing a game of cards)

Meaning of J/P

J/P means: Just playing (also JP)

Meaning of JP

JP means: Just playing (also J/P)

Meaning of J/P

J/P means: Just Playing

Meaning of Nr

Nr means: Now Playing.

Meaning of JP

JP means: Just Playing

Meaning of pwms

pwms means: playing with myself

Meaning of playing with it

playing with it means: To masturbate.

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CHICKEN SOUP means: Chicken soup is British slang for acceptable, fine, okay.


SPANISH ARCHER means: Spanish archer is British slang for a rejection or dismissal.

Meaning of Lameoo

Lameoo means: a person who is extremly not cool and thinks the're ghetto, even though the're just crackers who live in the big TP

Meaning of Screaming Abdabs

Screaming Abdabs means: Food

Meaning of AGKWE

AGKWE means: And God Knows What Else

Meaning of ILU

ILU means: I Love You

Meaning of haver

haver means: v Scottish pron. “hay-ver” ramble incoherently: I went to see granny at the weekend but, well, bless her, she’s just havering these days. The word is in common usage, and features in the Proclaimers’ song I’m Gonna Be (500 miles).

Meaning of BAIL

BAIL means: 1- Booty, but, nice looking round but. Remember the song "Baby got back". 2- Crew, people that will defend you and back you up in a situation.

Meaning of RUST PILE

RUST PILE means: Old locomotive

Meaning of MYOTHO

Meaning of GAUREYX

Meaning of LOOSHEUV

Meaning of LAESHOOWA

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